Pin and Aggregate Your Social Feeds with Kulisha

How socially active are you? I am sure you have a Facebook account but what else? If you have not yet heard Kulisha, let me tell you that this will give you a brand new experience with your social activities. If you have Facebook and a Twitter account, I am

Create Your Own Facebook Infographics with GetAboutMe

Facebook has become one of the most successful and most used social networking sites in the world. Almost everyone who knows how to use a computer and has internet access owns a Facebook account. Some even have two accounts under their name. Facebook users use this media to tell the

Social Networking Made Easy with GrabInbox

Social network industry suddenly just exploded like a nuke bomb. With the emergence of twitter, facebook, linkedin, google+ and many more, what to choose may be your biggest problem. You may want to use multiple if you are that fond of social networking. However, if business dictates your need to

Know What’s Hot with StrawberryJam

 Upon hearing the word strawberry jam, what could be the first thing that comes to your mind? With me, I think of food. But that was before I get to know the StrawberryJam in social media. Yes, this is a different kind of strawberry jam and I would be most

IFTTT – Put The Internet To Work For You

Have you heard about IFTTT? If not, you should take time reading this article and you will be amazed how this feature works.  Hope you will find this useful and helpful to you.

IFTTT, is a coined word that means, if this that then. Make sense? It’s like you’re asking someone,