Google Keep – Better than Evernote

 Developers of Google has continuously been working extra hard to meeting the demands of their users. With the tremendous popularity of mobile apps to the international market, Google has found them selves obliged to compete in other mobile apps developers ...

Photography and Google+

Do you love taking pictures? Certainly taking a lot of pictures is fun. You are able to preserve memories and have it viewed through the internet. With some many sites that offer free space to upload pictures from, choosing the best one is not easy. Although ...

Google Now – The Next Step In The Evolution of Search

In these fast-paced and web-driven times, intelligent personal assistants are now taking over the roles of once-venerated search engines. Perhaps today you’ve already heard about names like Siri, who excel in what’s called “knowledge navigation” ...
Google Zebra

Google Zebra – Better than Penguin and Panda?

We all know that Google – as the world’s largest search engine is striving hard to make their service even better. Recently, Google launched its newest algorithm, – the Google Zebra. Search Engine Optimization or SEO and online marketers ...
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