[Video] Interview with Evan White of Viddy

Social media has revolutionized how people communicate but it’s still hard to share videos from mobile phones. That can be a problem when you want to upload a video instantly since they’re now most people’s primary cameras. Evan White founded Viddy to help get around this problem and let people

[Video] Interview with Chris Brogan on Video Creation for Business

Chris Brogan is known for social media marketing and he consults companies on social media content creation. In this interview, he talks about how to make videos that customers can engage with in a meaningful way. He also gives a few words of wisdom about content monetization. Check out Murray

[Video] – Social Media Content Creation

Throughout history, businesses have always been looking for new ways to connect with customers. Starting in the 1990’s, Ramon De Leon’s Domino’s in Chicago began using AOL Instant Messenger to reach out to customers, and in the 2000’s they began using social media. Now, they create content for customers and

[Video] – Affiliate Marketing Tips

Affiliate fraud can sink many companies reliant on affiliate marketing as their main source of leads and it has even brought down many affiliate networks. As a result, both publishers and advertisers have an incentive to reduce affiliate fraud and ensure that the leads they get are high-quality. In this

[Video] – Affiliate Marketing Tips

In this week’s Future of Publishing, Oliver Roup of VigLink interviews three affiliate marketing gurus on advanced marketing topics that publishers can use to squeeze the most juice out of their affiliate programs. Beginning with an overview of affiliate marketing, their discussion quickly becomes oriented toward marketing technology such as