Are Green Jobs Changing the World

image credit The Top Jobs you Might Consider for a Career Change Within The Green Sector In the same way that many of us now work in jobs that didn’t exist when we were at school (just witness the rise of the digital sector), our children are ...

Spling – Entertainment and Media Social Network

It was  7th April 2011 when Spling was officially launched to 19 college campuses while it is being promoted by 35 campus representatives.  This has been made possible through 2011 Venture Plan Competition  which was sponsored by Greater Susquehanna ...

Experience Blogging with Jux

Not so long ago, in fact it’s just few months ago, Jux was introduced into social media. The main purpose of this is to give an easy way to bloggers who does not have very in-depth experience and technical knowledge in blogging to have an enjoyable ...

Pin Something Interesting with Pinterest

Social Media is starting to act a very important role in our daily lives. A lot of people all over the world connect with each other by means of the internet; because of it, world is starting to become a big global village.  A lot of social networking ...
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