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Social Media as a Tool for Advocacies

 Social media has gain a lot of popularity in the recent years. There are about eight hundred million of Facebook users worldwide. Each of them is actively using it at least twice a week. This figure is partly one of many reasons why organization uses ...

Ways to Cultivate Creativity in Your Company

Every company needs creative talents in one way or another. It is more desirable to have people with enhance creativity as part of their characteristics. There are a lot of benefits a company gets if the work force is very creative. However, how would ...

Google Keep – Better than Evernote

 Developers of Google has continuously been working extra hard to meeting the demands of their users. With the tremendous popularity of mobile apps to the international market, Google has found them selves obliged to compete in other mobile apps developers ...

Facebook Now Supports Hashtags – Pros and Cons

Facebook the social media kingpin has recently add another feature that a lot of twitter users are familiar of – Hashtags. It’s pretty unclear why Facebook allowed it in their system. Although there are speculations that Facebook allowed Hashtags ...
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