Google Acquiring Waze – Pros and Cons

One of the more persistent acquisition rumors as of late has come true: Google just confirmed that it bought Waze. As many expected, the deal will see Waze largely operate independently of its new parent while supplying Google Maps with traffic update ...

Effective Tips For Succeeding In An Emerging Industry

Have you ever thought of launching your own business in an unproven industry? This may take you sleepless nights, yet give you a more rewarding part when goals become realized. As many entrepreneurs have done, it may let you invest a lot of hard work ...
rebel mouse

Rebel Mouse – Social Media Aggregator

This a modern personal publishing service that pulls together all your social media feeds into a single and unified view. It means that you don’t have to log in to different social networking sites just to publish you comment or post. It helps you save ...

Videos on Instagram – Pros and Cons

With the increase in use and the buzz surrounding video applications, many people are starting to take polarized stances regarding their opinion on whether or not video on Instagram (a new feature) is having a positive or negative effect. The following ...
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