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Traditional Advertising to Mailboxes

Traditional marketing campaigns still remain effective despite the recent innovations in digital advertising through the internet. These days, a lot of people still prefer to receive certain documents, letters and magazines in traditional paper format. ...

Benefits of a Good Shopping Cart Software

E-commerce, when done right, has the potential to meet or even exceed any sales you’re getting from physical business locations. Many companies run both offline and online merchant options for customers, because both types of merchant options are ...

5 Augmented Reality Apps

The term “augmented reality” sounds as though it was taken from a George Orwell novel, but the concept is completely different from what you knew about digital interaction. At best, it allows you to point a device at anything and trigger a technologically ...
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The Benefits of a Social Media-Friendly Website

Creating a social media-friendly website can be so rewarding and lets you enjoy the benefits that comes along with it. Here are some of the benefits that you might want to enjoy and might make you reconsider to create or transform your current website ...
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