Why Your Portfolio is Crucial For Your Freelancing Career

With the advent of the Internet, more and more people today are working as “freelancers”. By the way, what’s a freelancer?  Well, the term is defined as a person who sells services to different employers without a long-term contract. The word is ...

Google Now – The Next Step In The Evolution of Search

In these fast-paced and web-driven times, intelligent personal assistants are now taking over the roles of once-venerated search engines. Perhaps today you’ve already heard about names like Siri, who excel in what’s called “knowledge navigation” ...
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How Social Media Helped Election Campaigns

Election period is when politicians become marketers. What d they market? Of course, nothing else but their selves. The are introducing their selves and what they can do to serve the people. The lower the position they are running, the lesser the effort ...

What You Need to Know About Google Inactive Account Manager

Do you have an email or social media accounts? If you do, have you ever thought what will happen to them when you are gone? In this information age, our emails and social media account are considered to be one of our important belongings. Many companies ...
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