Top 5 iPhone Productivity Apps for Students

Go ahead students — grunt, groan, roll your eyes! Perhaps your parents bought you an iPhone and now you are looking for the best apps to download. If you finally want to make the Dean’s list and get ideas on how to start saving money, why not download these productivity-boosting iPhone apps and get ready to organize and excel your performance at school?

Top 5 iPhone Productivity Apps for Students

iCloud and iWork


First on the rank is the iCloud and iWork platforms. These apps are just amazing tools to turn in your assignments. What’s great here is you can save your documents from your computer and email them to your instructor. So, whenever you forgot to submit your homework, you able to do it while walking to your class.



Give it a try and take advantage on this coolest organization kit. This one is a must-have free app on any connected iPhone device. This would be a great choice if you don’t want to scratch your head with all the hectic schedule that you have at school. This app allows you to jot down notes during lecture, clip web pages, record audios, store PDFs and snap photos. This is also perfect for a group project to share files with your friends as well as create your schedule and to-do-lists.



This is another free app that knows everything and assess you in all your subjects. It’s like a search engine which you can just type what you want to know and here then displays its related images, top articles and top blog discussions. After typing, you may have to wait for a short time until the information is all ready.

Scan Pages

Scan Pages

One easy and useful app that you must have is Scan Pages. This gives you the ability to scan a page off a desk to store in your phone and email it to someone. This is perfect for you if you want to keep records of your receipts or signed documents right away. It can take pictures, analyze them and shows them to you in a clear format that can be saved on your device.

Square App for iPhone

Square app

Do you look for an extra way to make money? As a student, you don’t just have to rely from your parents. You too can bring an effort to support your studies. This free app accepts credit cards and is useful to sell products like shirts and accessories. This is just a perfect way to get you started in making money.

With these top five iPhone apps, you would not only excel in school, but you could also make your life smoother, easier and open to learn through the use of technology.

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4 Responses to “Top 5 iPhone Productivity Apps for Students”

  1. Jane Vestil says:

    Cool list. Yo should also make one for Android users. :)
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  2. Pramod says:

    Excluding Eevernote , other apps are new to me ..I’m gonna try them out for sure.Thanks for sharing with us these useful apps.

    Pramod invites you to read..XOLO Play T1000 versus iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1My Profile

  3. Henry says:

    Love this list, gotta send this post to my son. Evernote is of the coolest apps I’ve used too, but I’m not sure if all instructors would let students use their Iphone during lectures.
    Henry invites you to read..The Challenges Of Backing Up Big DataMy Profile

  4. I am not a student but I use Evernote. It’s a good app for professionals too.
    Shaun Hoobler invites you to dev teamMy Profile

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