Google Keep – Better than Evernote

 Developers of Google has continuously been working extra hard to meeting the demands of their users. With the tremendous popularity of mobile apps to the international market, Google has found them selves obliged to compete in other mobile apps developers and create mobile friendly apps.

 If you have been actively using Evernote (a mobile apps that lets you  store your audio or text notes, memos, checklist and even images,) then it’s compelling to say that Google has recently launch a similar apps called Google Keep. Although both apps offer the same functionality the two are distinctly different from each other.

Google Keep has an attractive user interface.

Much as every person would like to use very useful apps to meet their needs, some of them have very poor user interface. It’s not really a big question why a lot of mobile users remove some very useful apps. A lot of users would intentionally abstain from using apps because they find the interface to be so complicated. Since the time Google introduced their latest mobile apps, Google keep generated a quite positive response from users. So far, an average rating of 4.45 stars were given in Google play store.

Easier to make and manage checklists.

Google Keep has an easier access to options for creating and editing notes and even checklists. There are times when you are in a real rush and must do notes or get notes in a hurry. With Google Keep’s easy to use interface you can get the list faster and easier. You don’t have to browse further on the apps just to make or get a note. You can either choose to view them in a list or snippet format.  Or you can also sort similar notes or checklist by assigning a particular color to them.

Easier Voice to text dictated notes

Both Evernote and Google keep allow users to verbally input notes and have it transcribe in a text format in the apps. Since Evernote offers a lot of options in the interface. Dictating notes is much easier in Google keep. You can easily find the button to dictate your notes compared to Evernote’s very complex interface. Google keep allows you to record your own speech then the apps will automatically transcribe through the excellent voice recognition service used by Google.

No payment in storage when Syncing

Google keep offers easier access in managing notes using Google Drive. The files are synced to your Google Drive and can find all the backup data of your files there. This provides a bit higher storage capability compared to Evernote’s 60mb/ moth storage capacity. Evernotes also charge $5 per 1Gb of extra premium storage. While Google offers free space using Google drive. As long as there is an extra space in your Google Drive you don’t have to worry about losing back files.

Google Keep

Final Words

With Google Keep’s simplicity and usefulness, taking notes or making checklist is a lot easier. Also Google has a very well establish reputation and you can be assured that you have a good quality of mobile app running in your android devices.

Download Google Keep on your Android Smartphone and Tablet now.



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