Facebook Now Supports Hashtags – Pros and Cons

Facebook the social media kingpin has recently add another feature that a lot of twitter users are familiar of – Hashtags. It’s pretty unclear why Facebook allowed it in their system. Although there are speculations that Facebook allowed Hashtags so that they will have absolute dominance over twitter. This could be a very big trouble for twitter or it could also back fire on Facebook.

Hashtagging has been popular to a lot of users and at times very useful. However it’s not really good for people to use hashtags all the time. There are some people who are annoyed in seeing hashtags in their Facebook feeds.


Is it useful to Facebook users?

A lot of people use Facebook to connect with their friends and relatives. It’s common to see people posting status so that they can update their friends about what’s happening to their personal life. Yet, for some people who have followers and don’t accept people whom they do not know. Hashtags can be useful. Since it provide links to topics that are trending and often times being talked about. This provides followers to know what topics that are currently being talked about by the person they are following.

However for people who are conservative and more private seeing those Hashtags could make them uncomfortable. Others would see it as a nuisance and unimportant. At one point it could also create a lot of distraction to users who are unfamiliar with twitter and Hashtagging.

Can it help users?

For some people who would like to be updated all the time,

  • A hashtag can provide them the latest and trending topic that is widely talked about.
  • It links them to people who have Hashtag a topic or an event.
  • This would connect people even if they are not friends on Facebook.
  • This also allows people to be constantly updated to their followers. It may help some users to know the status of people they are following.

There are also times that Hashtags don’t provide any help to Facebook users. For some people hashtagging may be irrelevant and just adds distractions to a post.

facebookWhat can a user get from hashtagging?

Most of the time a hashtag is used to link similar conversations. Users can get a list of people who are also talking or interested in the same topic. This connects people with similar interest even if they are not friends on Facebook. It provides users a wider audience of people having the same topic or event on mind.

For some seeing some misspelled word with a # sign before or after it could only bring confusion. However a user has the option to either put a hashtag or not- when posting a status update on Facebook. A hashtag can be advantageous if you are the type of user that has lot of followers and is frequently a source of updates and news.

For whatever reason what Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg has on mind on integrating hashtags to their platform, all the users can do is to decide whether to include a hashtag or not in their next post.

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4 Responses to “Facebook Now Supports Hashtags – Pros and Cons”

  1. First Facebook add verified users, very much like Twitter and now hash tags, although I do have to say I think the hash tags idea is a good one, as long as they are used in a way that isn’t spammy looking and abusive

    It’s one thing that I noticed with Twitter, when people fill a tweet with hash tags, looks awful and they really distract the tweeter from the meaning of the tweet.

    If everyone keeps to a minimal usage of the hash tags in their Facbook upates then that will be great, whether people choose to use them in-line or at the end of updates is up to them, but lets just hope people use them wisely!
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  2. Sarmista Aun says:

    Hi Herbert,

    This is a great news that Facebook finally releases Hashtags. It helps to connect several unknown users together who are interested on the same topic. Don’t over use it otherwise it will be considered spammy.

  3. Aime Jones says:

    Hi Herbert

    Thanks for this information !

    The hash tag can be very useful if you are searching for any related category of your interest.

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