The art and practice of “blogging” was believed to have started in 10994, when a guy named Justin Hall created the first ever blog. While blogs are generally like journals, where the person updates it everyday, and talks about everything possible under the sun. If done properly, blogging can actually be a worthwhile and profitable activity. According to blogging experts, the average blogger in 2008 made a average $6,000 a year, while others even earned as much as $200,000 a year.


Here are five ways on how you can earn from blogging.

Research on the Popular Topics

To successfully earn as a blogger, determine the topics or subjects that you are truly comfortable talking or discussing about Research about the popularity of the topics you find interesting, to ensure that topics you prefer are those that more people are discussing and searching about today.

Use Google Keyword Tool

Another way of finding the right keywords or topics, would be to use tools like Google’s Keyword Tool, and Market Samurai, to fully ascertain or assess how people today search for particular topics or keywords each day, or each month.

Create Your Blog

The next step would be to determine the right platform for your blog. You could choose from WordPress to to Google Blogger, and if you got extra cash to spare, you can actually buy a hosting service, where a large company holds you blog, an makes it fully accessible to the public.

Create Content

The next step would be to start writing, based on the content that you really like discussing about, and the target market or niche that you’d like to concentrate on. Just make sure you create a catchy and interesting name for your blog, and ensure that it will be reflective of what your target market or niche will find, when they read about it. Also remember to write at least one blog post at the start, and make regular postings at least once or twice, or more than that, per year.

Monetize Your Blog

To monetize your blog, research and select the right monetization option for you. Like for example, you could market or write about e-books, newsletters, white papers, and other products. Some monetization options include placing link or text ads from Chitika or Google Adsense. And after choosing the right monetization option for you, learn about keyword placement, placing backlinks, meta tags, and other useful techniques.