Google Now – The Next Step In The Evolution of Search

In these fast-paced and web-driven times, intelligent personal assistants are now taking over the roles of once-venerated search engines. Perhaps today you’ve already heard about names like Siri, who excel in what’s called “knowledge navigation” or search. With search at the heart of the Internet, search is what “drives the majority of web traffic” and delivers the users that create the profit online. And ever since the development of search engines in the 1990’s, the entry of newer search mechanisms like Google Now, is revolutionizing the way people search.

Google Now

Here’s why Google Now is hailed as the “the next vital step in the evolution of search”.

The Number of Searches Online is Increasing

According to search engine experts, the amount of searches being carried out today, has amazingly doubled, or even tripled, over the years. While in previous years, web data was just updated periodically, like once a month, today content is being updated by the millisecond. For example, In Google alone, 34,000 searches are being made every second.  And with the surge in the number of web searches, users today are looking for more targeted and relevant results, which are mostly aligned or connected with their personal profiles and public data.

What Google Now Specializes In

Google Now was designed to be a great add-on to the Google search application. The service recognizes repeated actions which a user performs, whether it is common locations, repeated calendar appointment, search queries and more, and displays more information in the form of “cards”.  These specialized cards are comprised of Activity Summary, Birthday, Events, Flights, Gmail Events, Gmail Flights, Gmail Hotels, Gmail Package Tracking, Gmail Restaurants, Movies, News, Places, Public Transit, Sports, Stocks, Research Topics, Traffic, Travel Attractions Nearby, Translate, and Weather.

Google Now’s Effect on SEO

A lot of search engine optimization or SEO experts also believe that Google Now will have a profound effect on SEO. They stress that Google Now’s more in-depth understanding of user’s search needs  will definitely lead to better and more positive conversion rates. Google Now is also raising the bar when it comes to “data mining”, because of its predictive search capabilities.  And although this doesn’t mean that search is fast becoming obsolete, but it’s just making search more relevant, and targeted. And although it will be quite premature to say that any sort of ranking will take place on Google Now’s information cards, it is more likely that the best practices for search engine optimization will further be influenced by this new development.

Is Google Now the “next step in the evolution of search” ? Well, the new service is just doing exactly what it’s hyped about -  trying its best to “anticipate” what you will want to know next.  Well, you could safely say that Google Now is a further, positive step in the evolution of search.

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    cant wait for native support in google chrome with notifications…its coming…

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