Social bookmarking has been an effective pagerank strategy for website owners and bloggers. However, many SEO marketers are scared because of the changes in Google’s search algorithms. But there are also marketers who still find social bookmarking to be useful even in the many changes made by Google.

Social bookmarking works easily. You just have to find a social site that has a high page rank and accept public bookmarks for free. Create your own account then add your site with its descriptions and keywords. You will be surprised to receive positive updates in your rank. It is very easy, isn’t it? If you have not yet used this strategy then you better start learning it. Remember how great the impact of social networking sites on our lives like when Facebook has been introduced to the public. Social media has connected people like never before. Today, even children have their own social media accounts so you better grab and see this as a business opportunity.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking has many benefits. If you know how to use social bookmarking, you will gain many benefits. This kind of online marketing is safe and very easy to use and has a considerably great impact on your site and your business in general.

If you still do not understand the benefits social bookmarking can give to you then  here are the following advantages of social bookmarking.

Advantages of Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking Makes Your Site Visible to a Larger Audience for Free

The first advantage social bookmarking will give to you is that it provides you an opportunity to make your site visible to a larger audience for free. Unlike any other services, this is the only strategy that would allow you to introduce yourself and your business in millions of people all over the world.

You Will Have More Ratings

Another is that, these  social sites have their own ranking systems, so whenever you get a like from a visitor, you will have more ratings. Also, if you get more votes, you also have more visitors.

Search Engines Would Also Track Your Site

Search engines normally track popular social networking sites. Because of this, search engines would also track your site  resulting to a higher page rank on search engine results pages.

Social bookmarking is an organic form of search engine optimization. Many has tried and most of them proved that this strategy still works. However, there are certain things that you need to consider before using social bookmarking. Many social sites banned those accounts that bookmarks its own site. It would be better if you add more sites, around two or three will do.

Another mistake that most marketers commit is the using the same keywords and descriptions repeatedly. You should avoid doing this because the changes in Google’s algorithms seek for something new and unique. You should have different sets of keywords and descriptions for every site. If ever you are asked of your blog’s name, just tell them your blog title only. Do not make it sound like an advertisement because they will not like it.