In the virtual world we live in, everything is getting competitive by the minute – another glimpse on the rule of survival that only the strong survive. This basic foundation is naturally etched in every human being making him compete and try his best which will eventually lead him to being number one. Vying for number one is the driving force why men attempt to discover new worlds or invent new things – with prestige and popularity come a throng of people at your disposal.

In the virtual world, you try to gain this prestige by building online social communities where you serve as the host who has the control over things, like being the moderator in a forum or the administrator in a Facebook page. This becomes even more powerful when you have something eye-catching to offer or share – something that spreads like wildfire in the virtual community. There is one downside to this, however, it takes a lot of time to manage a forum, lest a community. Unless you are someone who has the luxury to sit in front of the computer all day, this poses no problem. If you are busy, then you are in for more after-work tasks.


To solve this dilemma, it is better to join and participate in an existing community than build your own. If you are aiming for more traffic to your website, joining an existing website works more for your advantage than joining a new one. For one, an existing community has already an established reputation compared to a newly built one which can take time to make a name for itself. Therefore, it takes lesser time as all you have to do is register, participate, and get noticed.

And since it is an established community, you don’t have to go out and look for people. Just like meeting people offline, you go around and establish relationship. And as your reputation grows and become an active member of the community, it will be easier to market your service or product.

As you engage people and participate in any online activity the community has, take note of what the community is interested in.

Better yet, join a community whose interest is related to what you offer so that you can easily leverage your services and products. Find out what the need is and position what you have to offer. On the other hand, you can also create a need based on what you can offer through active discussions. Soon enough, you can have the traffic you desire to your website.

The principles in building a successful online business is the same as building your business offline. You even have the advantage online since you have a variety of marketing tools and a wide scope of customers.