Utilize Questions on Quora and Gain More Web Traffic

Keywords are essential in internet marketing. More so, the right keywords related to your business or service are very crucial if you want to drive more traffic into your website. However, there is an interesting observation that has been made which showed that most of the time, people use questions rather than keywords when using search engines such as Google and Bing.


For example a student who needs to answer his homework would type in the exact question given by the teacher in order to find the answer he is looking for. Then, a housewife who suddenly has the urge to bake a cake using and ran out of shortening might type in a question asking for an alternate to shortening. . A person who has questions will not think of keywords when searching for something. And these types of moments are what make Quora very useful to anyone who has a question that requires an immediate answer.

Quora is your FAQ hub for all sorts of niches answered by experts or pundits.

Through this site, you can get a lot of knowledge and expert help if you are searching. On the other side of the coin, you can showcase what you know and what you have or utilize it as a marketing tool to build up your prestige. It can be used to your advantage to build a strong online presence.

quoraOne way to maximize Quora is to build a profile that highlights your skills, interests, and expertise on topics or niches you are most familiar and comfortable with. Focus more on the questions you have answered and build a link to your website to cement and strengthen your authority regarding the subject matter. Be sure it reflects and represents the product or service you have.

One method to make your ranking rise quickly is to modify your profile based on the topic question. As you change your area of expertise based on the focal point of the question, your answer will climb the ranking ladder as well. This will lead more people right at your doorsteps, so to speak, as they seek expert advice and specific answers to the question.

In order to keep a steady stream of followers, try to focus on one or three areas of interest to build your reputation on. Although it is advised not to put all your eggs in one basket, too much diversity can also harm you as you can spread yourself too thinly.

Finally, make sure to build your reputation by maintaining the quality of the answers you give to the questions. Always make sure that they are well-researched as one mistake can ruin the reputation you have carefully built.

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