Looking back to twenty years ago, the advertising industry heavily relied on TV. Using different types of people – from ordinary Joes to big name celebrities – to put a face and represent products and services, these advertising campaigns are very costly. The sad part, though, about these campaigns is that they only reach half of their target audience. Thus, companies always face the risk of losing a huge amount of money if their advertising campaign becomes a flop.

Fast forward to the present, TV and print advertising is still common but the ever evolving technology has changed some rules and methods of advertising. Thanks to the internet and the introduction of new technology, the world has become smaller and simply relying on traditional advertising isn’t enough anymore. Why settle for capturing only 20 percent of your target audience when you have the possibility of reaching even the farthest corner of the world through social networking.


One of the most prevalent of these is advertising through blogging.

Just look at the army of bloggers and the number of blogging sites, and you will never be able to imagine how great this army is. Not only have they increased in number, they have increased in influence as well. Governments of the world have been shaken and leaders ousted as people expressed their discontent and anger through personal blogs. The passion then spread like wildfire and became a revolution. On a lighter side, blogging has done the same way to advertising. It has changed the rules to a once exclusive industry where only big advertising companies dominate the scene. Through blogging, regular people have managed to do the impossible – a case of David slaying the giant.

Another rule that blogging has changed is the amount of money that goes into advertising.


How many millions do traditional ad campaigns spend just to air a 2-minute commercial without any guarantee if it will click or not. With blogging, you can promote a product for free and involve your family, friends, and acquaintances in the marketing process. This is where the fun also begins because the satisfaction doesn’t come from monetary rewards but from how you can make things possible through the concerted effort of a community.

Furthermore, the reviews made by bloggers are more honest and reliable because they have experienced the product or the service firsthand. These blogs are candid views of men and women who are responsible enough to help others avoid buying a substandard product or using a poor service.

There are many ways how blogging has changed not only the face of advertising, but every aspect of our lives. The most obvious, however, is that it has made our world smaller and more accessible.