Digital influence is undoubtedly one of the popular trends in social media because it allows different brands in the market to connect and attract large numbers of customers. It’s the new form of advertising where a word of mouth is used and it has proven to be highly effective compared to other forms of marketing. Digital influence is all about identifying your target group and finds innovative way to communicate to them through social media. The influence will only work if there are proper strategies and processes which are not only effective but captivating.

What is Digital Influence?

Digital influence is measured by how well your consumer knows about your brands and the products and services you offer. You also need to create a sense of mutual trust with your customers which will in turn make them loyal. In the world today everything revolves around the World Wide Web where everything is digitized and that’s why you need to establish your digital influence and make your business thrive.

digital influence

The first thing to create digital influence is by  having a strong brand, after having your brand you must make it known to all your potential customer, the last step will be trust creation. There are ways in which you can increase your digital influence, first make sure you have rich and informative content to share. If your content is rich it will be shared through different networks.

To determine how digitally influential you are,

 You can post topics or discussions with your audience and see how may well it’s spread or tweeted.

 Get involved in the topic you start because this will create a deeper connection with your target audience.

 If you have a certain network, try as much as possible to connect with other networks because this will increase your digital influence. By joining your network you will be able to reach more people and have them talking about your topics and discussion thus increasing your digital influence even further.

digital influenceA point to note is that the social platform plays a fundamental role in your business that’s why you must ensure you have the strongest digital influence.

Social media like Facebook, Google+ and twitter are some of the most influential social sites which can be tapped to advance the digital influence since they are accessible all over the world. To know how much digital influence your business has, you can use the following tools. Klout which will measure your online presence and dominance by grouping more than 35 variables which are further categorized into size of the audience, reach and Amplification.

Peer Index is another tool which can be used to measure digital influence but it uses a different approach which is activity, authority and the audience. When using the Peer index you will be able to understand how to further your digital influence. Other tools you can use are Twitalyzer and Crowd Booster. To be successful in your business you have to make sure you have a strong digital influence on different networks of the social media and keep measuring your influence from time to time.