Mass Email Marketing – A Good Way to Boost Your Exposure

Mass marketing comes it different forms. It can be done through the use of flyers and inserts. However doing a mass marketing through the use of paper is really an inconvenience, it takes a lot of time to prepare all the flyers and it even takes a lot of money to print and duplicate everything. Although this is a good exposure for your business, yet it’s heavy in the pocket. If you’re a starting business man and you haven’t profited yet from your business, then flyers is not a good idea. So, to save you from all the expenses, please note that there’s another form of mass marketing. This form is much easier, more convenient, and faster and a time saver strategy and that is mass email marketing. This marketing style is more preferred by all businesses especially online business.

email marketing

Unlike its counterpart (paper), mass email marketing doesn’t need a mail man or a third party person to go around and distribute what you have to market. This form is easy, and with just the click of an enter button then the word is spread thus leading you a faster exposure of your business. The best part of this strategy is that your email will most likely receive an instant response from your target recipients. It says that 2% will most likely respond if your e-mail is very enticing or attractive. So if you analyze it thoroughly, your exposure is fast and widely spread. It doesn’t limit you from reaching other places. Yes, you can reach international customers so exposure is worldwide and not limited locally.

email marketing2 Different Ways to do a Mass Email Marketing

It’s either you do it yourself or you hire a marketing firm to do all the emails and strategy for you. If you have a low budget, then you’d rather do it yourself. However, marketing firms can do a lot of things for you, such as analysis, assessing effectiveness of the strategy and campaign developments. It all depends on your priority. Both ways are a sure fire way to boost your exposure and inform everyone about your existence.

Boosting your exposure is easy, as long as your e-mail marketing strategy is planned well and catchy, most people will read it increasing the chances that they will also spread the news to their friends and family. So doing mass email marketing does not just depend on how many emails you send, the word of mouth is another positive thing mass email marketing can do you for you. By creating a buzz, everyone who receives your email will most likely inform other people about it, it’s either through forwarding your e-mail to their friends e-mail until everything is spread just as you want it. So your exposure is even increased more than expected.

Boosting your exposure by the use of this strategy is easy and attainable. Once you’re a hit on the net, you can expect a lot of things to happen. Even forums will be created just to talk about your business. A forum is a perfect arena for you – where people talks about certain things that may create curiosity for other readers, and again this will boost your exposure.

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28 Responses to “Mass Email Marketing – A Good Way to Boost Your Exposure”

  1. tatess says:

    In this day and age, gone are the flyer times wherein you go out on the street or malls to giveaway flyers. it is email time and if you cannot do it, just like you mentioned , just hire somebody to do the work for you.
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  2. jheylo says:

    there are services out there who will do that in your behalf. Unfortunately, some email owner have no idea that a company sells their email to some advertisers and that’s one of the reasons why we get a lot of spams in our inboxes
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  3. Chie says:

    emails and newsletters must have catchy photos to catch readers attention…everyday i receive hundreds of email and newsletters from online businesses promoting their products and only those with catchy photos interest me

  4. claire says:

    I hope these companies are true to its words about your email security and privacy. We all know that they can help out but it should be on growing your business well.
    claire invites you to read..Types of Commode ChairsMy Profile

  5. I have been recruited for a job like this but it seems cannot do it…But when it comes to a business it will work if you have really a very good promoting stuffs in there..
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  6. Mass emails are good tool in marketing but others think it’s a spam. Anyhow, it’s still a strategy others do. :)

    Denise Rayala invites you to read..Sophia Goes to School but Nanay Also LearnsMy Profile

  7. Bless says:

    My concern with mass emailing is it will be construed as a spam. I am just wondering though if there is certain number of emails that can be sent everyday so it will not be interpreted as spam by the email service provider?
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  8. Josie says:

    Yes brochures and flyers are now on the verge of extinction not only because they are costly but with the emergence of online marketing which is more practical, for mass emails well I guess, some may end up in spam but then it’s also a good marketing strategy.
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  9. Most of the times I wonder where is the company gets my email :-( maybe it is from this mass email marketing :-( I do not like to receive emails that I did not subscribed :-(
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  10. I use MailChimp for email marketing. Recently, I can use Google Plus to share my blog posts and email them to my circles. Just using one G+ button does the work in mass email marketing.
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  11. peachkins says:

    e-mails should have a personalized subject or else it will look spammy…
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  12. Jadey Sam says:

    Brochures and flyers are indeed a thing of the past.
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  13. Ane says:

    It’s amazing how much technology has helped make marketing a lot easier, plus you get to reach a wider audience. But I do hate marketing emails, it just feels spammy to me. :P
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  14. Gene says:

    I’m not a fan of mass email marketing. Unless I signed up to receive those newsletters then I’m good. I get really disappointed when I received email marketing from companies I didn’t signed up to.
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