Should You Consider Freelancing as a Career After Graduation?

FreelancingThe day after graduation is the day you start facing reality and unemployment. We can say than 10 years ago was less competitive compared to today’s time. A graduate faces more pressure and more competitors when it comes to job application. Of course, all of us have to start somewhere. So if you don’t have the experience needed for a specific job opportunity, then stop sending your resumes!

Luckily, new graduates can take advantage of the technology and what it can offer. If you don’t have the needed skills for office jobs, or whatever jobs it might be, you could be successful in online freelancing. You can work as a writer at the comfort of your home. As a graduate, would you consider a career as a freelance writer, web designer or whatever it is?

Here are some things to consider before jumping into a decision.

If you’re good at what you do best, then freelancing is suited for you.

Why? It’s not true that freelancing isn’t a steady job; in fact it offers you endless job opportunities that aren’t offered in the real world of traditional jobs. As I’ve said, if you are good at what you do best then many clients will hire you, endless projects with big pay contracts lining up for you. You’ll easily pay your dues!

Not all jobs you get is permanent

Once a contract has ended or your freelance job has ended, you have the choice to re-apply in minutes to another open job post. You don’t have to worry about going out, dressing up and printing your resumes and at the end of the day not get hired. How frustrating is that? Freelance career offers endless jobs, thousands of new job everyday with great pay to choose from at the comfort of your room! How great is that?

Freelancing is competitive world

You need to have the best skills to be chosen for the said position. However, the best part is you can learn as time goes by and eventually take all the great paying jobs once you’ve build a rapport to your clients and great feedback.

No regular schedules

You can bring your jobs anywhere you go. You can travel anytime and bring along your laptop or tablet. Start your jobs at any time you like but you need to make sure that you’ll finish it on time.

The world of freelancing is kinda saturated

Freelancing is a growing field. Eventually it will grow to an even bigger industry and everyone will go on freelance. As a recent graduate, it’s best to familiarize yourself in this field; this is suited to younger generations since almost all recent graduates grew up using Web 2.0 technologies.

If this career doesn’t work for you then you may shift into something else

If you think this is not a good venue for you to kick things off or start a career with, try something else or try getting a job based on your educational background.

Final Words

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider freelancing after graduation, the only thing you need to make sure is your commitment and discipline! If you don’t have these, then freelancing may not be the right career for you. Choose your career path wisely and think of the things you’re capable of then decide if freelancing suits you and your lifestyle.

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17 Responses to “Should You Consider Freelancing as a Career After Graduation?”

  1. I don’t think everybody can go freelancing. I know a guy who wants someone to watch him than be stranded at home doing a job with the employer so remote from him in location.

    I think my advice for those who want to go freelancing is to start out while they are still students.

    Some young people work in college work in McDonalds or in Jollibee or other fastfood chains. For budding writers who are still students, perhaps, you can join the freelancing group while still studying. Freelancing while still a student may get them a better chance to have a higher-paying gigs once they graduate.
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  2. joy says:

    I think it depends on the situation but I agree with bjorn, the more you have an experience, the more chances you land a job in the future after you graduate.
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  3. Freelancing cannot be a career option, I think. One should think practically. If you want to take blogging as a career, you have to work hard and no miracle happens in one day – in this web world.
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  4. i guess, if you think that it’s your passion and you are good in doing it, why not. I have been wanting to be a freelancer but i guess, i’m not that confident.
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  5. sir rob says:

    I’d love to if given the opportunity because you own your own time and wouldn’t be worry about getting up early.
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  6. Chie says:

    I definitely would. I haven’t finished college and for now being a blogger, i am contented with how much i earn monthly even though i am not given that much assignment. Even in this online job though there is still competition.
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  7. jheylo says:

    i don’t thin there’s something wrong with it. as long as it’ll help you bring some income, why not?
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  8. haze says:

    If it it helps you getting a wider chance for a good job in the long run then I see no reason for not trying it but yes earlier would be better. As what Bjorn said, take it while studying.
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  9. byotipol says:

    love this article. well, for me i would follow what my heart loves doing, going to a job everyday that you dreaded the most is like an everyday calvary. if freelancing is what you love to do , then do it and make it a career!
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  10. Shela says:

    Freelance job is a cool career no boss no time limits!

  11. This is a good start while you are still looking for a real job. I am sure that when you find a job, you can add more about what to write :-)
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  12. Dhemz says:

    I might consider it temporarily while looking for a much better career.
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  13. Sigrid says:

    It really depends on your personality. I had been an employee for six years before I finally decided to go freelance. it was tough at first but God has been gracious in providing for me all through the years. I can’t imagine going back to the grind
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  14. grace says:

    same with Sigrid, I worked for 15 years in a construction company and then decided to go full time in the ministry. God opened opportunity through blogging… now I can work at home and while even on missions..
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  15. Les-Joey says:

    For a fresh grad, I guess it is not advisable to try freelancing job right after graduation. Unless you have are passionate on what you do and you can excel above the rest, then you can always give it a shot.

  16. Mommy Pehpot says:

    although freelancing offers the possibility of higher salary, it does not offer the stability of having a job. I think the best set up would be a day job + a free lance job :)
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  17. Nikki says:

    I think it’s a good idea to start freelancing as a career DURING college actually.

    What better time to get started with building an impressive portfolio or job history? Room and board are paid already. And even if you don’t have your own computer, most college campuses have 24/7 Internet access for students.

    Even better is that you’ll have already have job experience on your resume when graduation time comes. That looks a lot better than recent graduates who only have their degree and academic work samples to offer.
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