Using Google Places for Your Business

What is Google Places?

Many  people search the internet for businesses so it is important to have your business listing found on Google. Have you heard of Google Places? It is another service offered by Google where you could create listings faster and it is absolutely free.

google placesThough your business has already shown in Google, it is wiser to verify your listings and check if the details are accurate. As soon as you verified your listings in Google Places, you will see the changes instantly and you could add some notifications.

One good thing about Google Places is that even if you do not  have your own website you can still promote your business. With Google Places, maintaining your online presence is very easy. You can even monitor how many researchers have seen and visit your listing.

Google Places also allows you to customize your listings by adding some photos and videos. You could also give some coupons that would make your first time visitors to come back for more – and these all are totally free.

If you are still in doubt of sing  Google Places then consider the fact that 97% of the consumers search online for business and 73% of them is dependent on the information provided by Google. This statistics only shows that Google dominated the search market. Most internet marketers spend their time on perfecting their online strategies like in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), they fail to see the importance and benefits Google Places has to offer for them.

Google Places has been introduced in the public on the year 2009. Google described the service as “a webpage for every place in the world, organizing all the relevant information about it.

google places

Indeed, Google Places has been a great help for many business establishments especially small businesses. However, many committed lots of mistakes which leads to a very unproductive marketing.

One thing that you should remember not to do in Google Places is that ‘keyword stuffing‘. Do not put on plenty different categories for that will just confuse the readers. It would be better to choose only one category.

The basic information of your business should be properly indicated. Your business’s contact information should be provided like the phone number, email address and business location. Check the video below.

Using Google Places To Promote Your Business

Final Words

There are generally lots of ways on how to optimize your ranking using Google Places: you could show off some photos with tags that are keyword-friendly and you could upload some videos. These would attract the attention of the readers as well as capturing their curiosity.

The description of your business have also an impact on your readers. You should make it sound like you are proud of serving the community and do not make it so obvious that you are just want to increase your revenue (which is what really matters for most of the internet marketers). Also, state the different services and products your company are offering. It is important to be precise and straight forward so that the consumers would understand easily what is your business all about. Too flowery will not help and just lead to confusion.

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  1. Franc Ramon says:

    Using google place would definitely help boost awareness about the business.
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  2. joy says:

    for small businesses google place plays a big part in boosting the biz
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  3. rachelle says:

    indeed Google places is a place for any kind of business. great tips you have here!
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  4. Rossel says:

    Google place is another great way to optimize and boost a business. Google is helping a lot of businesses with little presence on the web to grow.
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  5. Hazel says:

    Google Place – no, I haven’t heard of that, but glad I did, now so thanks a lot. Note to self: check that out and learn some more. Taking note of the “keyword stuffing” too. Gosh, a lot to learn!
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  6. Bev says:

    Google Place is surely a great tool to boost a business. Thanks for this very informative post!
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  7. chrisair says:

    I am actually thinking to use this Google places but still I can’t figure out how, anyway I will drain my brain and try it again
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  8. Ahsan says:

    Google Place another excellent place for increasing own business. But most of bloggers don’t know about it. You described it in details. It will show the right direction who wants to know about it
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