Everything You Need To Know About Cloud Computing

Recently, CloudCamp.org with the cooperation of some of the big global technology companies held the first Cloud Computing Conference in the Philippines and Cebu was the chosen venue. The one day conference highlighted why cloud computing helps not just businesses but government institutions as well. The event was made successful with the joint efforts of ArcusIT, VMWare, Data One Asia, NetSuite, AppXys, Comfac Global, Globe Business and Intel Philippines.

Cloud Computing

The article below is inspired from the recent CloudCamp Cebu.

Is Cloud Computing The Next Big Thing?

 We all know that internet has become a necessity and not just a want. In living today’s society, having an internet connection is a must.. The latest technology that is trending now over the internet is the “cloud computing”. Does it sounds new to your ears? Let me give you a little information about this cloud computing.

 Cloud computing is a technology in which allows you to access shared computing resources such as internet applications and services, storage, networks and servers  with minimal effort and management. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, cloud computing is is a major break through that greatly affects the economy.

Cloud computing is a technology that integrates Information Technology with commerce which results to a cost-effective business models. With the help of resource pooling or sometimes called as “configurable computing resources”, a significant cost- saving plans can be realized. Resource pooling is the most significant characteristic of cloud computing. It is the ability to serve and cater the requests of multiple users with the aide of multi- tenant model and through the the use of different virtual and physical resources which are dynamically assigned accordingly depending on the demands.

Cloud computing is indeed an efficient and effective tool towards a better business performance however, lot of people do not understand the benefits it brings because of lack of knowledge regarding about this technology.

Cloud computing is very complex and quite difficult to understand. But let me make it simpler for you. If you are fond of using email and uploading files online, you are already using cloud computing unknowingly. Yes, cloud computing allows you to store, manage, fetch, utilize different files that are accessible using the internet. Another example is that when you are using online communication tools like Skype, Gmail, and even video sharing sites like Youtube are also using using cloud computing.

cloud computing

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Internet services like online file storage and back- up, Customer Relationship Management or CRM and file synchronization are also examples of applications that are using cloud computing. Lot of businesses are using cloud computing for their benefits like creating their own cloud which are only accessible to certain people and that could be integrate to other services.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

Cloud ComputingSince many people  have seen the benefits of cloud computing, many people have used its capabilities for the development and improvement of their business. The major benefit that it offers is its flexibility. Using cloud computing, your staff that are outside the office or working remotely can access the necessary files wherever and whenever they need them.

As long as they have an internet access, they could fetch the information. Remember that today’s technology allows us to access the internet using our mobile phones which are very efficient. Also, this technology would allow your staff to work with coordination even if they are not on the same workplace.

If you want your business to be up and running 24 hours, then cloud computing must be a wonderful tool for you. This easy and fast- access technology will definitely help you make your business running 24/7, you only have to make sure that you are connected to internet.

Another good reason why you should consider cloud computing is that it is a lot more cheaper and requires lesser labor. You do not have to worry about purchasing expensive software because all software you needed is available online and take note most of these applications are free of charge.

Since cloud computing is available online, there is a limitless storage capacity in which accessible to all your staff or personnel that you want these files to be accessed. You can access these files even outside office hours just like when Christmas Holidays.

Cloud Computing

Businessmen will surely like this technology because it does not require to hire an IT specialist that will surely save you a lot of money. You do not have to spend a lot of bucks for the maintenance for these services are online and it is up to the IT team to resolve certain issues. If you have to upgrade these services, you just have to pay a considerable amount.

Upgrading is also not a problem. With cloud computing, updates are regular so you will be sure that you are up- to- date in every new trends happening in the cloud.

If you opt for green business then cloud computing will surely reduce the pollution because this technology needs not to consume power a lot.

Final Thoughts

Though cloud computing is very useful and many businessmen see it as a blessing, there are some that doubts its security. Since all data are stored online.

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    Very soon, SD cards and external hard drives will be things of the past.

  2. Actually Cloud infrastructure is made possible through the use of virtual machines, loosely defined as software that looks and acts like real, physical computers.
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