Advantages of a Mobile-ready Website

In this computing age, everybody owns a mobile phone.  Most people nowadays use mobile phones to browse the web. Because of this trend, it is important for webmasters to design their websites to be mobile- friendly. It is to ensure that graphics and contents will not mess up when viewed using mobile phones.

MobileMobile marketing has proved to be effective for some good reasons. Since most people today bring their mobile phones together with them, it is the most effective tool in reaching out your customers as well as getting probable clients. It is important to make your business mobile- ready so whenever the customer wants to browse your website via mobile, they can view them easily.

Make sure that your website’s content is complete. So whenever the customer visits your site, he would found the information he is looking for. This will increase the engagement rate of customers to your site. According to research came from Omniture, “mobile- optimized experiences produced an average 75% higher rate of engagements per visit for mobile users”.

Making your website mobile-ready will also improve your brand’s visibility. Having a positive online experiences, the customer will have a good brand image of your company. Remember that in marketing you aim to build an integrity in your brand name. Since the number of mobile web users are growing rapidly, your competitors are also increasing. You have to make a way to standout.

Mobile phones are indeed a great marketing tool for your business. It enhances accessibility, mobility and exposure. Here are some simple tips to make your website mobile friendly.

Tips to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

1. Mobile users are tech savvy, so you have to optimize your website. It is more efficient to create a website separate for mobile users. By doing this, you are making way for the customers to have an easy access into your website. You are providing them an easy navigation and a good online experience. Remember that your website looks different when you view it using a desktop. Desktop computers have wider screens in which you can view your website’s designs and contents perfectly while in mobile and smart phones, they may look messy for these devices are much more smaller than desktops.

2. When designing a website for mobile users, you have to consider the designs and contents. Make sure that your website is easy to access (that means it should load fast because  the customers do not want to wait for so long, you may loss probable customers), interactive and relevant. It is not necessary to have animations and flash designs because the customers might not appreciate it very much. Remember that mobile phones have smaller screens and too much graphics may slow down the loading of your website.

Final Words

It is also essential for you having even basic knowledge in SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Since the competition is brought online, it is important to make your website ranked on top of search engine rankings. Getting your website mobile friendly will greatly help in driving traffic towards your website.

Lastly, please take time to download our mobile apps for your phones MobileMobile

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Herbert is the author behind Two-sided Perspective, a blog about views and insights about Blogging, SEO and Internet Marketing and Social Media. +Herbert is an online freelancer and father who loves to blog during his past time.

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25 Responses to “Advantages of a Mobile-ready Website”

  1. Adam Parnala says:

    I really like to have a mobile version of my site but I’m still undecided if I should pursue it. Although my site is pretty simple, optimizing it for a mobile phone is really a great addition.
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  2. Maricel says:

    I most definitely agree. Given that mobile phones are outrunning PCs and laptops in terms of sales and given that mobile phones nowadays are becoming smarter and smarter, it’s only a matter of time before websites not optimized for phone use get left in the sidelines.
    Maricel invites you to read..Were You Born to Spend or Save?My Profile

  3. Adeline says:

    Great insights here, Herbert. Having a mobile version of your site is more important now than ever. We live now in a society that has become even more mobile than it was 5 years ago. I personally do more surfing on my iPad than here on my laptop. It’s definitely one of my projects that I intend to complete within the next three months (work schedule permitting).
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  4. Hazel says:

    Mine is most probably not. But this is true for anyone wanting their share of success on their endeavors online, sites particularly.

  5. Gene says:

    My blogs are not yet optimized for mobile browsing, but lucky for me (and some of my readers) my blog design is light enough for mobile browsing.
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  6. Adrienne says:

    Hey Herbert,

    Great information and I know how important this is. Unfortunately for me, I can’t view my blog on my mobile phone because I still just have the very basics. Yeah, I’m not a big cell phone user but I know everyone else is.

    So I’ve gotten the plug-in that is suppose to make my blog look better and some of my friends have told me that it does but I confess, that’s all I’ve done. Shame on me right!

    I know this is something I really need to do. I just haven’t thought about it since I don’t access my blog this way so thank you for this reminder. Great info here.

    Enjoy your week now.

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  7. imriz says:

    i wonder how could this be done…forgive my “untechie-ness”…but, im slowly learning how to write blog post using touch and type mobile screen…sooo frustrating on my end :)
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  8. Ron says:

    Going mobile is where we , webmasters, should go. With the rise of tablets, ipads etc., this is going to become a big hit.
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  9. Mai Flores says:

    I’m commenting as the Mobile User, on my end. :) I believe that you’ve stressed out the basics yet significant points. I actually hope for quick loading time and interactive (minus the flashy stuff that just suddenly pops out from the screen), and have been getting a good response from several sites that I open from my phone. :)
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  10. John says:

    I guess I should start thinking about optimizing my site for mobile devices. Thanks for the tips.
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  11. Marie says:

    I’ve long wanted to do this! I access my blogs via mobile and though it loads just the same I think it’s still browser-friendly if optimized for mobile use.
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  12. David says:

    Today, mobile-ready sites are no longer an option, rather a necessity in a rapidly-changing world! Online pages can increase page ranking with major search engines, increase visibility, and augment income generation. Surfers use various mobile services because the ability to search for information anywhere in the world is at their fingertips. :-)

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