New Startup Sites to Watch For

A lot of websites are emerging nowadays, from social networking sites to downloading sites and many more. A lot of people us has been confused on which site is best for us and which website is not. I came across to a couple of sites recently which I find very very helpful especially if we are in need of something.  Below are 5 sites which I find to be helpful and as startup sites, I find them very promising.

5 Startup Sites to Watch Out For

Are you into social pins? Yuhuhu is a 100% free service that allows you to easily create online pins. You simply upload your image, find a template to use with your image, press the button and bang! – your social pin is ready. Yes, as simple as that.

startup sites2. PrintLuna.Com
PrintLuna is a startup sites which you can use to design and print books online, such as high-quality photo albums. Prices start from as low as $7.70 and there is no minimum order, so you can purchase a single copy if that’s all you need. You can choose to ship books to any address, which means you can have them delivered to your home for personal use, or to a friend’s house as a g ift. You can even use PrintLuna to ship books to clients – they will deal with all the shipping and handling.

3. provides an extensive range of useful online business tools which can be downloaded for free by companies comprising of 12 or fewer employees. The basic free package includes a CRM, intranet, photo gallery, document sharing and task manager, amongst many other handy tools.

There are many great videos on YouTube which you often want to access when you’re offline. Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t allow you to download videos because the company makes money by showing adverts before each video. YouTubeDownloaderHD has solved this problem by offering free software you can use to download YouTube videos in HD without losing quality in the process.

MP3s have drastically transformed the way we purchase music. Paying $20 for a CD was the no rm only 10 years ago. You wouldn’t dream of paying that much today when you can buy most tracks for $0.99 or even less. MP3Mixx is an affiliate of Musicline Limited and sells music for as little as $0.15 for each track. All you have to do is register for free with the site to gain access to an ever-expanding music library and payment plans.

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  1. Maricel says:

    Great sites! I really would like to try PrintLuna one day … :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this great list of site, i should go and check this out on my own.
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  3. Adam says: looks interesting! I’ll try it when I got home. Thanks!
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  4. BFT says:

    I agree, it looks interesting :)
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  5. saad naeem says:

    what about my site ? lol

    competition is tough with google , youtube , Facebook , apple , microsoft sitting on top =)
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  6. Jake Ruston says: definitely sounds the most interesting on the list. I think we’ve all wanted to download videos from there at some point but YouTube definitely don’t make it easy to do manually!
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