Evolution of Multiply – From A Social Network to an eCommerce Site

Multiply was first known as a networking site. But when you browse the internet and visit the website of multiply, you will be surprised that it is now a an eCommerce site. Actually, Multiply now has become one of the largest eCommerce sites in the Philippines and not just that the Multiply Marketplace is one of the world’s largest online shopping malls.

Multiply offers 83,000 shops from Filipino merchants making it the widest online shopping site in the country. Multiply was able to device a platform which is much more secure than any other eCommerce platform in the Philippines. Multiply Marketplace allows the user to see virtual shopping place where online gadget shops and boutiques can be found and another great feature of Multiply marketplace is that it offers eCommerce marketing tools for newbies and aspiring online entrepreneurs.


Multiply is indeed a successful eCommerce site and their business model is really effective. Multiply started as a networking site and the fact that many people are visiting the site makes them popular and introducing new services is very easy. The Multiply Philippines CEO Jack Madrid said, “Much like any other business, it is crucial to determine what your unique selling proposition is. The growth of Multiply as a digital shopping network was rather organic, with netizens (Internet Citizens) first seeing its potential as a business platform”.

Why Venture in Multiply?

Multiply features a marketplace where both merchants and shoppers will benefit. Shoppers will be provided of the listings of products available so that they have lots of options to have and they will find easily what they are looking for. Multiply eCommerce platform was designed to help small businesses to have an opportunity to promote and sell their products in a larger market.

Multiply Marketplace is ideal for people who wants to shop yet do not have the time to go to malls. In Multiply Marketplace, shops are available online, from RTW’s to gadgets, fashion and even foods are even available. The features of multiply Marketplace include Shopping Cart, Buyer Protection, Product  Listings, Stock Room, safe and secure Payment System.

Merchants and shoppers has nothing to worry about the security of their accounts for Multiply has developed a secure and safe payment system. Another feature that will definitely help the sellers is the ‘Buyer Protection Program‘ that ensures a safe transaction.

The ‘Shopping Cart‘ feature of Multiply allows the shoppers to buy several items in a single shopping. Because of this feature, the shoppers need not to pay every shop where they purchase but instead when they finished shopping, they could pay all- at- once in just a single click.

Through Product Listings, sellers can categorize and sort their products rather than having a photo album where they could share their wares. Stock Room on the other hand is the feature that has a dashboard which allows the merchants to manage their business. The Stock Room allows the merchant to monitor, sales and orders, manage inventory and update the listings of products.

Final Thoughts

Multiply is continuing on developing new strategies and business model to improve the services they are offering. From time to time, they are constantly changing and evolving to meet the demand of its users. If you are planning to put up an online business, why not establish it at Multiply and let them help you grow.

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18 Responses to “Evolution of Multiply – From A Social Network to an eCommerce Site”

  1. Multiply.com says:

    Ey thanks for writing about us. We\’ll be evolving further as we move along, so keep your eyes on us. If any of your readers want to try out shopping in Multiply, we have a Discount Frenzy happening almost everyday. Just go here >> http://ow.ly/bi1QD


  2. they’re evolving to fit their user’s need.. unlike other social networking sites that slowly fade-out from the scene…

    I wonder if my old multiply account still available (didn’t visit the said social network for years…. ^_^
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  3. fazal mayar says:

    thanks for this herbert, I didnt really know about multiply at all.
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  4. Rossel says:

    I have a multiply account but I don’t know what happened to it. It was neglected since multiply became an E-commerce site.
    Rossel invites you to read..Family Bonding Through Family Fun ActivitiesMy Profile

  5. rachelle says:

    I’ve seen many small entrepreneurs using this site. I guess it’s really effective for them. good to hear that there sites which help businessmen reach to their target markets.
    rachelle invites you to read..The Parent-Child CycleMy Profile

  6. Dhadha G. says:

    I started my online shop way back 2009 and sa Multiply talaga ako nagsimula and nagkapangalan. And until now eventhough nagsilipatan na mga online sellers sa FB, d ko pa rin iniwan yung Multiply account ko.

    I’m glad Multiply now has developed and added new features na super helpful sa aming mga online sellers.
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  7. Lizzie says:

    I used to have an account in Multiply. Might be inactive now. :(
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  8. Gene says:

    I think Multiply’s sole purpose now is online shopping. They didn’t really succeed in it as a social network.
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  9. marri says:

    I have no account in multiply but I’m able to see and explore the site through my brother and some of my friends. It’s quite surprising to know that it has become one of the largest online shopping site in the country.
    marri invites you to read..Repleksyon…My Profile

  10. imriz says:

    multiply’s actually the first site where me and the daughter puts up our small biz :)
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  11. Sumi says:

    I’m really impressed with Multiply. Instead of stopping the inappropriate use of their platform (as online shops instead of personal website), they saw it as an opportunity and capitalized on it. And now, it’s of the biggest online shopping networks.. :)
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  12. Marie says:

    I used to be active here and I still have a lot of photos that I’d like to hide haha. They did well anyway to keep up with the needs of users…I think they’re here to stay…
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