Disadvantages of Posting Press Release on Your Blog

Most bloggers and online marketers use press release to create traffic on their sites. The biggest advantage a press release could give to your website is drive traffic because a lot of people are interested in reading press release and when they are intrigued, they will explore some more and click the links towards your other websites or blogs.

Press Release

Press release could optimize your website’s visibility. Press release can boosts your site’s ranking in Search Engines. The length of your site’s exposure depends on how well the press release was written as well as how known it was in the internet market. The power of press release is astonishing which could give your blog or website much longer exposure.

Press release could also help you in building brand. Since many people are interested in press release, it is also beneficial for you to get your brand name out with those  press release. A latest release will surely attract many viewers attention and that is the best opportunity for you to embed your brand’s name on the readers mind.

Readers want a fresh and updated press release so make sure that you write the latest and do it correctly. It will be more effective if you leave a comment box in your press release so that reader could give their opinions and reactions.

Disadvantages of Posting Press Release

Despite of these may benefits of press release, there are also disadvantages. You have to see to it that your content is not duplicated for  Google will give a penalty for contents that has been copied. Another down part of using press release is that you have to ensure the balance between your site’s page ranking, SEO capability and link strength and of course the ease of use, which are very tedious.

Pay per post sites guarantees a longer exposure while if you use free press release distribution may also  give you an exposure but not as instant as the pay per post.

Do not forget to update your blog or your website in terms which Google trusts. This is when every time you post new new press release it will be indexed by Google when it is published.

Press release is indeed beneficial for your business, however, you just have to be very careful. In writing press release you have to consider if it is newsworthy. People will not mind a press release that is not worth of their time. Also, write in terms which viewers and readers could easily understand. Avoid terms that are technical or unfamiliar and make it point directly. Eliminate words that are not necessary and irrelevant to your press release. Make it plain and simple. If you make your press release too long and flowery, your readers might get bored or they do not understand the your press release resulting them to navigate away from your website or your blog.

Matt Cutts explaining the disadvantages of posting press release on your blog

Final Thoughts

Make a headline that will surely grab the attention of your readers. Headlines are usually the readers read first and this is when they decide to continue reading your content or move away to other press release.

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10 Responses to “Disadvantages of Posting Press Release on Your Blog”

  1. Adam Parnala says:

    Thanks for the great inputs sir Herbert. Di na nga ako magpopost ng press release sa blog ko. =)
    Adam Parnala invites you to read..Smart Netphone 501 Price, Specifications – The New Generation NetphoneMy Profile

  2. joy says:

    i did not know that there is a disadvantage of posting press releases, i need to be more careful now, thanks
    joy invites you to read..Empowering the Youth through ICTMy Profile

  3. actually may tama naman yun mga sinabi mo.. pero kasi ako more on rephrase yung ginagawa ko para mas may unique siya.. pero syempre andun pa rin yung importance ng PR..
    axl powerhouse invites you to read..Pancake House since 1974My Profile

  4. The same reason why I don\’t usually post contents from a press release. If you care about your visibility on the web or something for that matter, duplicate contents will hurt you badly, as far as Google is concerned. And if I do, I make sure that I am the first one to post the material or at least, the main texts of my post are my own words, while parts from the PR as treated as quoted contents.

  5. Mai Flores says:

    This made me think twice about accepting paid posts, especially if these are meant to be Press Release materials. I’m sure the Onwer’s site will not be penalized by Google. But it would be me and the others who will be, given that we all have the same content. Anyhoo.. I hope I made some sense into this rambling. :/

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