4 Vital Tips to Help Increase Your Affiliate Sales

AffiliateAffiliate marketing is a somewhat new concept which entails selling a product or a service for another vendor. Affiliate marketers are compensated in the form of a commission for every lead or sale that is generated by them.

Many web entrepreneurs derive considerable benefits from affiliate marketing as there are thousands of different products to be promoted.

This very appealing area of internet marketing is highly competitive, however, and many people who attempt to engage in affiliate marketing have little success at it. Some affiliate marketers, on the other hand, earn six or seven figure incomes each year from their efforts.

4 essential tips that online entrepreneurs need to follow if they wish to increase their affiliate sales.

1) Pay Close Attention to Your Conversion Rates

A website’s conversion rate is determined by dividing the total number of visitors to your website who follow a prescribed action by either signing up for your mailing list or purchasing a given product advertised on your site by the total number of visitors during a specific period of time.

So, for example, if you are offering an ebook on weight loss for sale on your website and your site generates 100 visitors per day and out of those visitors, 5 people purchased your product, your website’s conversion rate would be 5/100 or 5%.

If your website has a low conversion rate, then you can safely assume there is some problem with your site. This problem could be in your sales copy, your site’s navigability, your site’s loading time, your site’s appearance, the payment process you have set up, or your targeted keywords.

2) Robust Call-to-Action

Most people who are surfing the internet want to be guided in their actions. In other words, the vast majority want to be told what action to take.

If your site does not give clear and concise directions, many visitors will be lost and will quickly leave your site. Give them specific instructions: Click here to get your free weight loss product now.

Adding a BUY your diet plan NOW button in bold will certainly increase your conversion rate. Don’t forget to offer freebies so that visitors feel as if they’ve received a direct benefit from visiting your site.

3) Add customized landing pages with PPC advertising

When using Pay-Per-Click advertising it is vital to customize your site’s landing page in to your targeted keyword(s). You can analyze your keyword(s) by asking yourself certain questions such as:

  • What would spur a person to search on this particular keyword when using a search engine?
  • What type of specific products or services are they searching for?
  • Does the keyword serve any commercial value or is it purely informational?

Once you have been able to answer these questions, you should be able to set a plan that will attract your customers and advertisers and satisfy their needs adequately.

4) Establishing trust is the best way to sell products

You increase your potential sales by gaining the trust of your visitors. Consumers will only purchase products they feel they can trust. Emphasize any accolades the products you promote have received from other past customers.

This will give new customers a reason to trust your product and you. Add any testimonials you have received by leaders in your industry. It is extremely important that any testimonials you provide be both unsolicited on your part and completely true.

Adding a privacy policy will allow your customers to be assured about the way you will treat their personal information and that it will remain completely private and not be shared with a third party.

If you consistently re-evaluate your website and your marketing data and restructure your offers to meet your client’s needs, your affiliate sales will rise as time passes.

Applying these tips to your marketing campaigns and you can be on your way to earning a good income from affiliate marketing in no time.

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8 Responses to “4 Vital Tips to Help Increase Your Affiliate Sales”

  1. Dhadha G. says:

    I really wanted to try affiliate marketing but I need to learn more about it. Thanks for sharing this! :)
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  2. saad naeem of seoallrounder says:

    Another great post Jane , seems like i am stalking you , commenting on all your guest posts lol .

    Are these tips for a blogger like me ? or for someone who want sell their own product?
    saad naeem invites you to read..Tips to successfully sell Digital Products through ClickBankMy Profile

  3. These are wonderful tips :-) Thank you so much. I do not join affiliate in my blog. I usually write paid post instead.
    Jessica Cassidy invites you to read..Guess who will sing the National Anthem in Manny Pacquiao’s boxing event tonight?My Profile

  4. Marie says:

    I have difficulties with this but I do well with recommending paying platforms :D
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  5. Lizzie says:

    I am not into affiliate marketing but these tips are useful nonetheless.
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  6. Claire says:

    I think its according to the content of the site.. If you have made a post about hosting services like hostgater and have placed a affiliate link , your readers mostly click on that targeted link.. Thanks for sharing.
    Claire invites you to read..Pregnancy Miracle Book ReviewMy Profile

  7. Amrik Virdi says:

    Excellent tips there mate. In my experience, what I really advice to most is to be as honest as you can be about the product you are promoting, and give a lengthy and exceptional content about it, and let the marketing/SEO side empower its chances of getting sales.
    Another great thing which you haven’t mention here is Email marketing. It is also one of the best ways to increase affiliate sales, but it takes time to build up your list. It’s important that you keep your focus to really achieve your goals in this line of industry.
    Amrik Virdi invites you to read..How To Get Accepted Your Guest Post On Top BlogsMy Profile

  8. One thing to remember when entering the world of affiliate marketing is to use deadlines for purchasing products religiously.
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