With the fast and ever changing internet environment, anything and everything can be done and achieved online.  Emails can be sent in an instant, pictures can be uploaded to sites, long lost friends can get in touch with each other, and even family members can reunite.


The technology of internet has paved way for different things to evolve.  Websites were developed, E-mails were invented, and social networking has become a fad.  Name it, it has happened already.  Moreover, blogs have been a part of everyone’s daily life.

What is a blog anyway? A blog is a person’s online journal.  The posts or articles posted in the website are listed in reverse chronological order, from the most recent to the oldest.  Blogs can be composed of texts, images, hyperlinks or hypertext.  It is like a virtual diary, wherein someone, or a small group of people, update every once in a while. Blogs can be about anything – feelings, events, pictures, gatherings, etc.  It is used for so many purposes nowadays.  Some companies even use blogs to communicate and interact with their market.  Some people create blogs and share it with people who have the same interest as theirs.

Several ways on how to keep your blogs updated regularly

  1. You must be able to plan when and how frequent you should update your blog.  Moreover, you need to identify as well how many articles are you planning to upload every time you update.  Having a regular schedule or frequency in updating your blog would allow your readers to know when they will access your site.
  2. Have a schedule when you will write your articles.  Though you may not need to post it yet, you would have to write your articles or posts and make sure that you will not run out of posts to avoid people from getting bored or losing interest in your website.  If you have a busy week, make sure that at least two or 3 days within the week is devoted to writing your articles.  Make sure that you write as much as you can while you are free to ensure that you will have enough articles to post to your blog site.
  3. Determine what topics you want to address for your blog.  Make sure that your ideas keep on coming to avoid losing new material to blog about.  If there are questions that you have in mind, or if someone asked you a question, or needs information on something, make sure that you take note of it and once you have an answer, then write it in your blog.
  4. You need to set a deadline for yourself as well as creating a timeline.  Be strict with yourself when it comes to deadlines and timelines.  Make sure that you have an organized timeline, and that it is strictly followed.  This is just to ensure that you are able to maintain your blog regularly.

So, why blogs should be updated regularly?

Blogs should be updated, primarily, because it would maintain your ranking in the search engines.  New blogs that are posted help generate network traffic.  Your followers and friends would definitely be interested what new things you would have to say.  Once your blog has been uploaded, your followers and friends would definitely access it and read it.  Some may even comment or provide a feedback to your blog.  In this way, the network traffic is increasing all the time, thus allowing your blogs to increase its ranking.