How to Use Instagram to Improve Your Landing Page

Although Facebook shocked the world with the 1 billion dollar acquisition just three weeks ago, the Instagram buzz is still going strong. According to Macstories, the app has nearly 30 million registered users who are uploading around 5 million photos each day. This makes Instagram one of the hottest new picture-taking tools available.

Major brands such as Starbucks, Pepsi, and RedBull have already taken advantage of all that Instagram has to offer. Music stars such as Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber have also been known to tweet many photos using Instagram. Most of these iconic figures use Instagram as a way to share photos and get customers or fans involved by asking them to also share photos, but using Instagram as part of a landing page is slowly but surely making its way onto the scene.

Why Instagram Is Such a Phenomenon: Features Explained

The reason that Instagram is so popular can be attributed to several different reasons:

  • Accessibility – Anybody can use Instagram. While many picture-taking tools are more popular amongst designers who understand photography, Instagram can be easily used by anyone who downloads the app.
  • Quality – Instagram lets users choose different filters for each photo. A filter is an easy way to change the tone, color, and overall feel of the picture. This makes these photos something new and different; almost like something that only a professional used to be able to accomplish.
  • Cost – Instagram is completely free.
  • Social Sharing – Instagram works as a kind of social network. You can meet and connect with people on Instagram if you like a photo, or you can share your photos with friends on other social platforms such as Facebook.

The biggest appeal to Instagram is likely the option of filtering photos. As discussed above, filtering photos allows a user to create a professional looking photo with simply the touch of a button. Below is a screenshot from One Social Media that illustrates a photo before using an Instagram filter and then after using the filter:


Instagram also has a feature that allows a user to blur the backgrounds on different photos. You can learn more about how to create a blurred photo by visiting Who Design Today. Below is an example of how different a photo can look if you were to use this feature (and then put the photo through a filter):


Photo Credit:

As you can see, Instagram can help a photo look much better and more professional than a typical photograph. While many companies are, of course, using professional photographs on their landing pages, it’s important to realize that Instagram could be a more cost-effective option. If you think that your company could take photos of its products or events on its own, then utilizing Instagram is a great idea. Customers will be able to recognize that you used Instagram, and this could help you make connections and improve your time-on-site figures.

How to Place Instagram Photos onto a Landing Page

There are many different ways that a business can make Instagram a part of their landing page—adding photos to a footer, creating a slideshow of Instagram photos, or simply integrating Instagram photos into blog post previews. Whatever the case may be, you are going to need to download an Instagram WordPress plugin. You will find that there are many different choices, but below are three different options that I think work the best for landing pages:


Although this service comes at a price, it is a great way to create a slide deck full of Instagram photos for your landing page. The service is extremely easy to setup because it offers great step by step instructions. This service can be setup in five steps:

  1. Select “video deck” after downloading.
  2. Select “Instagram” as the source of your content.
  3. Choose which Instagram albums you want to be downloaded into your SlideDeck
  4. Choose the lends and colors you want to use for your photos.
  5. Publish the SlideDeck onto your landing page platform.

SlideDeck costs $79.00 for one site, but the service offers great perks such as one year of customer support and free updates for one year. Visit the SlideDeck website for more information.


BadgePlz is a widget that you can install to be shown on your landing page. It will typically show up either in the footer section or on a sidebar like a typical widget. You will be able to sync your Instagram account up with your WordPress account just as you would a Twitter feed, so your Instagram photos will always be changing. This will allow potential customers to see what you’re doing socially, and more importantly this will give potential customers great visuals of your product or service. The widget will adjust to fit your site and color scheme, and setting it up is as easy as generating a badge and copying a code (a total of about 2 minutes of work!). You can learn more at the BadgePlz website and try it out instantly.


InstaPress is a WordPress plugin that is highly customizable and allows you to embed feeds from Instagram into your WordPress account. You can choose how many photos you want to display on your website, the size of the photos, and where you want the photos placed. The plugin uses shortcodes in order to make this possible, but it’s extremely easy to use. When you visit the WordPress Plugin Directory to download Instapress, you will see step by step instructions to help make sure you get the shortcode right.

Will Utilizing Instagram Help a Business Acquire Customers?

Utilizing Instagram for business landing pages is still new, so no data has been tested to answer this question. Hopefully we will soon see companies coming out and sharing conversion rates and before Instagram versus after Instagram numbers. Ideally, your company will be the one to share this (hopefully positive) data with the rest of the world. At the very least, utilizing something with such a large following will help make your landing page more recognizable and more interesting to the many people who are rapt in the Instagram fever.

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  1. Great post! I am an avid Instagram user and absolutely love the network. I post several pictures per day and have blogged about it several times but never thought about integrating it into my blog. Thanks for the idea! I love it.
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  2. chrisair says:

    I never thought instagram can be used as a business since it can only used for iPhones and others are still need to stable to use it
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  3. hahha ito ang nagagawa ng technology, no need to effort more kung gusto mo ng magadang shoot..
    wow bago yun ha… pude pala ibusiness ang instagram… ayos!!
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  4. MaxiVelasco says:

    I have installed the Instagram app on my iPhone since I do not know when and yet, I rarely use it. It’s a cool app actually. I might as well give it a try more often :)
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  5. Am not yet an Instagram user but will probably be one soon because of this post. Thanks for sharing. =)

  6. Argee says:

    Great tutorial, Amanda! :)

    I’d like to explore Instagram very soon :)
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  7. Violy says:

    I am an instagram user but haven’t explored it. I can see great photos from my friends and I need a tutorial how to make those! Or maybe my app is not updated coz I can’t see any icon that will let me edit my photos… Hmmm will check on it real soon! Thanks for this post. ;)
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  8. Eihdra says:

    ahh, instagram.. this new craze is on my reading list for weeks now and I guess I have to read that file now so I can use it to my advantage too.. Thanks!
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  9. JP Suba says:

    Instagram is one of the most exciting and awesome app ever made. And to integrate it with your blog, that for sure is going great.
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  10. yuuki says:

    i just recently got the instagram app on my iPhone, haven’t yet familiarize with it…now i have to install instapress on my WP blogs and get started…
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  11. Ivelina Dineva says:

    Only a few weeks ago I got my iPhone and I think this will help me a lot Amanda. Thanks

  12. Sumi says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t have an iPhone nor an Android so I can’t use Instagram.. >.< *sigh*
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  13. Matsumoto says:

    Despite my husband laughing over my use of Instagram (I’m a photo hobbyist), I still use it for easy food photos while out, I got tired of taking out the big cam and take food photos, the iphone is more convenient in its size ^_^ Thank you for this, will utilize IG more…
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