Online Startups That Can Help Your Business Save Money

Everyone is thriving to keep up in the business world especially in time of recession. This is the very reason why websites like LivingSocial and Groupon find themselves struggling. One way  to save money is through the help of group buying sites. However, you may also want to visit these sites that offer a lot of money-saving deals:

5 Online Startups that can surely help your business save money

Bitrix24An effective communication between employees can greatly contribute in the success of a business. However, it is very  difficult for small businesses to acquire intranets for they are usually very expensive and small businesses cannot afford to spend in such high costs.  Bitrix24 understands this needs of small businesses that is why they offer free package of intranet for businesses. Yes, it is true. Small businesses can now acquire Bitrix24 services provided that they only have a maximum of 12 employees. This software lets every members of the team to be updated on every events that is happening within the organization.  The package includes calendar, activity planner, sales funnel and a whole lot more and that costs you nothing. Moreover, a price of $99 a month is given if you have more than 12 employees. Still a very considerable price to avail Bitrix24 services.

LogasterFor every business, we all know that having a logo is a must, whether it is online or not. But it  requires a hundreds of dollars to hire a professional logo designer. You may crowdsource the task but still it will cost you a lot. Do you know that you can create logos for free? Logaster offers a free logo-making services. What a relief, isn’t it? And there’s  more, you just have to pay $4.99 for subscription fee and you can get a lot of designs for business cards, envelopes, letterheads and a whole lot more.

PickyDomainsChoosing a good company name or even a domain for your website is very crucial especially for starting a business. Branding is actually a difficult step, coming up with a wrong name may break your company. Why? There are over millions of registered top domains over the internet and this fact will make it even harder for you to think one of your own. Thanks to PickyDomains, this is no longer a problem. All you have to do is register, pay $50 for the name and domain, and another $75 for the slogan, specify parameters, then pick among the recommended domains. Don’t worry, in case you did not  approve in any suggestions, a refund will be given.

Jet RadarExpedia, Orbitz and Cheapflights have been providing us cheap air fares. If you are a traveller, for sure you love these sites. But you will love JetRadar more. JetRadar offers a lot more cheaper tickets suitable for businesses that needs to make their employees travel frequently. To avoid price- comparison websites, airline companies tend to post their deals on their own site only.  JetRadar is like a meta search engine. To get the cheapest deals, JetRadar searches all 728 airlines, major flight sites and travel agencies. What makes this site different from other sites? Simple, some deals are kept hidden from the public and that makes you have a greater chance to get the deal.

iSpionageIf you are running a business especially online, knowing your competitors will be a great factor to keep you over the competition. iSpionage lets you sneak a little about what your competitors are planning. Are they spending a lot of money to bid on keywords? or which keywords give them most of free traffics? iSpionage will tell you a lot of important information. It will even tell you how much your competitors are spending on Bing and Google ads. You can have three searches a day for free but it will cost you $59 a month if you want to have access to everything.

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6 Responses to “Online Startups That Can Help Your Business Save Money”

  1. BON says:

    thanks dude! =) am visiting the logaster now
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  2. njlawyers says:

    Right. Everything for an online start-up are mentioned. It is expected that those sites are tested with good quality and user friendly ;)

  3. Hi Iam,

    Many thanks for your tips and I think it is excellent the way you included branding and I will be checking the sites you suggest . In my experience branding, graphics and video can be very big hurdles for many business when they start promoting themselves on line.

    Take care Rosemary
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  4. Kostas says:

    Hi Herbert, all these start ups are new to me, I checked and it looks awesome, thanks for sharing…
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  5. Some great recommendations here of companies to look at. However, I caution leaning your business assets against startups which are prone to be “here today and gone tomorrow”. Sometimes it makes sense – and other times it does not. You have to have a lot of awareness of how deeply you’d be impacted if all of your data you put into that site vanished tomorrow… and then decide accordingly if the risk to reward ratio was sensible.
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  6. Carla McNeil says:

    Great resources here! Thanks!!

    JetRadar and Logaster are winners in my books. We fly quite a bit and it definitely adds up.

    I have a number of clients who are going to be very happy with me when I tell them about the Logaster resource.

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