8 Great Tips On How To Be Successful In Your Career


You might have been through  in many hardships before winning the job you have now. But having the job is just a beginning of a long journey in the employment race. For newbies who have just entered the employment world, let me give you some ideas on how to stay happy in your chosen career.

8 Tips for a Successful Career

Making The Call is Making the Progress

CareerOften times, we use to decline or delay things because of inappropriate or other personal reasons. And I tell you this is a bad behavior. If you are just delaying problems, you are building them up and eventually your problems will become bigger and bigger. Of course, nobody wants this to happen. To avoid this circumstances, it is better to face your problem and take actions as early as you can. You do not need to come up with the perfect solution, however, you have to think for a solution that is best for your problem.  Learn from your mistakes and move on.

Reasons to Quit

Problems are everywhere including in your work. However, your ability to handle these problems under pressure and stress is what matters most. If you love your job, give your best to it and do your task satisfactorily. Quitting may not be the best solution for your problem. But if you decided to quit, make sure it is the right thing to do.

Interruption is the Enemy of Productivity

Focus on your work. Do not be distracted by unnecessary things around. Be productive in everything you do no matter how simple these may be. Do not waste your time to unimportant things, remember “time is gold”. Put away things that may cause to be distracted.

Meeting is Toxic

Meetings are one of the distraction one could ever face. The long meetings could take up so much time resulting to the delay of work and less productivity. Emergency  meetings are the worst because they may happen in an unexpected time.

Make Tiny Decisions

Decisions are part of our lives. It is hard too make big decisions especially if it involves not only your life but also the lives of other people. It is advised that you take a closer look of the details and not the whole picture itself. Try to look at smaller aspects so that you would be able to analyze the outcome of your decision. In case you have made the wrong decision you would be able to make adjustments to avoid casualties or if you cannot avoid it, at least there will be less.

Emulate Chefs

Learn to share your thoughts and ideas from others. Because of competition, many are afraid to share their ideas. However, this is not a proper mindset. Teaching our co- workers and subordinates will help build a good working environment. They might even teach you what they know in return. In this way, cooperation is promoted that will lead in more productive working force.

Long Lists Don’t Get Done

Set your priorities.  Making a long list of your daily tasks will not be effective. You may shorten it by grouping these tasks and set them according to your priorities. This will help you avoid confusion and will make your task easier.

Go to Sleep

Though we have to give our best to our job, this does not mean you have to be a ‘workaholic‘. You also have to consider your health. Studies show that people with proper sleep work well, decide effectively and perform their task efficiently.

Being successful in your career is not only measured by how much you are earning or the position you are holding,  but also  on how you influence the lives of the people that surrounds you. Are they happy working with you? Does your boss likes the way you do your job?  And most importantly, are you happy in your chosen career?

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19 Responses to “8 Great Tips On How To Be Successful In Your Career”

  1. ayos i think nagbabasa ka rin ng book to john maxwell no?

    ika nga nila always go out in ur comfort zone para malaman mo kung hanggang saan ang limits mo..
    ika nga push until somthing happen..
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  2. imriz says:

    sabi nga, in everything that we do, what matters is we are happy with what we are doing. by so doing, we can be productive and effect people around us (it might^_^) to do the same.

  3. Argee says:

    Great Tips!

    I particularly liked having short to do lists. I think sticking to the most important tasks at hand will be critical to career success rather than trying to finish a long list that is mixed with unimportant tasks and at the end of the day, you end up exhausted. Energy is very limited so we must learn to use our energy well :)
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  4. Great tips especially for people that are searching for jobs nowadays :-)
    Jessica Cassidy invites you to read..Jennifer Holliday and Jessica Sanchez duet together “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going”My Profile

  5. Lizzie of Make Money Online says:

    Great list. Specific and realistic!
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  6. Marie says:

    I just read a similar article and I have to say again that success is not my goal in life but contentment and being kind to the people around me…still, good points to those who want to achieve such.
    Marie invites you to read..Welcome HomeMy Profile

  7. Nice post out here Herbert! One question from me – What if your schedule doesn’t allow you to sleep? What can be done?

    Raaj Trambadia invites you to read..3 Ways to Make Money With Private AdvertisementsMy Profile

  8. Gene says:

    For me, as long as I am happy with my work then I’m okay with it. I don’t need a high salary or an executive position just to say that I am successful in my career. Kung stressed out ka naman sa work mo, useless din.
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  9. Clint Butler says:

    Being in the Army I know a lot of people who could really stand to read this post.

    Meetings are so time consuming and repetitive its borderline wasteful how much time we spend. Every month we hold a meeting about a meeting, for a meeting we don’t even have to attend.

    Quite frankly I can’t wait to hold my own meetings about how to end meetings all together LOL.

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  10. Kostas says:

    Hi herbert, those are really great advices, I totally agree that interruptions and meetings are the worst enemies of productivity eventhough meetings with the right people for the right things can make a huge difference in a business, thanks for sharing…
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  11. Kristen says:

    I totally agree with so many of these tips, especially the one about meetings. I am at the point now where I will just about do anything to avoid a meeting which is not set by my bosses and which has no benefit to my work or one of my collaborative projects. I bring other work to do at meetings that I am required to attend but for which I have no part or little to contribute. Getting enough sleep is definitely important for being productive. I try to save up tasks which require little of my mind for days that I am sleepy.
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  12. Eugene says:

    I agree with the ‘Long Lists Don’t Get Done’ part. What I do is I set short term goals, things that are feasible.

  13. Amrik Virdi says:

    The career development process goes on throughout your professional career. So, continue adding to your list of achievement.
    Be highly committed towards your job responsibilities and work towards developing an attractive portfolio of accomplishments. And always keep yourself ready to grab newer and advance career opportunities.

  14. Cory Stewart says:

    Great post – totally agree with your insights. The race never seems to be over, but it’s how you conduct yourself during your time on the job that can dictate your direction.

    Also: your blog is absolutely beautiful :)
    Cory Stewart invites you to read..40% Chance Of Rain: What You May Be MissingMy Profile

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