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Bitrix24 is a new social intranet platform that’s 100% free for small businesses and teams that have fewer than 12 members. Intranet is a computer network technology that allows information, operational systems and computing services to be shared within a particular organization. Intranet is different from internet because the former refers to networks within or inside the organization only, while the latter refers to the networks between organizations. Intranet is very important in an organization because the network is only accessed by the members of the organization. Hence, the information within the organization is highly secured and reliable.

Bitrix24 offers the most sophisticated intranet services ever.

Awesome features of Bitrix24

Social Network Features

BitRix24 allows social networking within the organization. Social communications enhances the potential not only of the company but also the people working in it.

Activity Stream – Users will be keep informed of what is happening inside the company . Activity Stream covers the social, production and mixed-function division of the intranet.

Conversations – It is an easy and fast way to begin the collaboration on a project, task or documents. Images and documents may also be attached in conversations.

Instant Messenger – Instant messages and system messages are delivered using internal messenger. Documents and files can also be sent using this internal messenger. Its features also include adding and searching contacts, status indicator (indicates if the user is busy or available).

Photo Gallery – This feature allows the user to create photo albums. The user has the control over his photo albums.

Mobile Version – What I like the most about Bitrix24 is that its services are available thru mobile devices. That means you will be able to work even outside of your office. In other words, you can work anywhere you are. Through the use of its mobile version, you will be able to view tasks and documents, discuss projects and make comments. Communication with your colleagues are made easy with the aid of internal messenger and Activity Stream.

Company Features

Employee Search – Bitrix24 provides the administrators to have a fast-access employee search. This feature allows the user to search in alphabetical index or by position.

Company Structure - using this feature, department heads as well as administrators will be able to view all the tasks of their subordinates. This feature shows the hierarchy of the organization with complete departments and its sub-departments.

Access Permissions- users can only access information which they are allowed to view. Also, BitRix24 provides you an option whether to grant permission on different departments, workgroups or individual users.

Tasks and Project Management Features

Gantt Chart – One good thing about BitRix24 is that it provides Gantt chart. This is not just a simple Gantt chart. Using this Gantt chart, you can view your task with status, people responsible for the task and the chronological relationships.

Report Builder – Reports are very convenient way in determining how many tasks are being worked on and how many are already done. Report builder lets you gather data fields that are needed then evaluate the work efficiency, effectiveness and total time spent on a particular project or task

Extranet – Extranet allows third parties like partners, clients and service providers to access some information in a separate and secure workgroups.

Document Management Features

Document Management – if you worry too much of the availability and security of your projects, files, messages and other important information of your organization, Bitrix24 offers 24/7 services and all your projects and files are available only in a single address where only you and your colleagues have the access.

Private and Shared Documents – Each user profile has its own ‘Files’ section. This ‘Files’ section is a personal file storage in which other members have no access. Good thing about this feature is that any private files can be transferred into Shared Files folder so that other members can access the file.

Bitrix24 offers a lot more features and services. Learn more about Bitrix24, check their website ( now

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14 Responses to “Bitrix24 – Your Very Own Social Intranet”

  1. Marie says:

    wow, intranet….another awesome way to spend time socializing on and promoting business or perhaps content…coolness!
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  2. yay! another great social networking to learn and to enjoy
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  3. Sumon says:

    Looks like a promising one… Going to try it now!
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  4. Lizzie of Empowered Links says:

    With its cool features, managing your team should be a lot easier!
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  5. ooh para siyang NEt Op dito sa opis.. ayos..
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  6. arcee says:

    this is so cool and informative. keep it up.
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  7. Summer Smith says:

    Bitrix24 sounds good, i think it is even better in BigAnt Messenger where its special purpose is ONLY to chat with its users. Unlike this new Social Internet, this will allow you not only to communicate but also, manage your tasks and it even supports photo gallery where you can store your funny memorable moments inside your organization. Thanks for sharing this Britix24. Such a good thing to have within the organization.
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  8. Sumi says:

    Thanks for sharing this! This’d really be helpful for small businesses who want and need to be connected internally.. :D
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  9. marri says:

    We had this kind of intranet in my ex-job.
    But I think this is more reliable and fast.
    Knowing that technology nowadays are
    moving on a quicker pace… I guess this
    BITRIX24 is better though.
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  10. Yani says:

    Intranet is group power :) Such an informative post.

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