6 Great Reasons to Use Google Adwords

I am pretty much sure that you have heard about Google Adwords. If you haven’t, then let me tell you something about it. Google Adwords is a program that can help business owners to reach out their customers through websites in few hours.

Google Adwords is absolutely perfect for small businesses whose operating cost is very low. Business owners can very well afford Google Adwords program and get results in just few hours.

However there is a negative perception about Google Adwords among Internet marketers and small business owners. They normally think that Adwords is very difficult to use, but this is not true.

After using Google Adwords for sometime, I found out 6 advantages of it.

6 Great Advantages of Using Google Adwords

Maximum Exposure

Google Adwords will guarantee you maximum exposure for your business. You can reach out to the widest range of consumers who are coming from different backgrounds.

Today there are over 1 billion people who are online. Adwords program can help you to reach them in no time. As a matter of fact Google is the main player in search engine market. Hence every 9 out of 10 people come to Google search engine.

You can reach out to desktop users, laptop users and even hand held mobile devices. So exposure wise Google Adwords is the best.

To The Point

Next great thing about Google Adwords program is that it is very targeted and to the point. One important fact you have to keep in mind that you do not need just readers but potential customers.

What does it mean? Well It simply means to sell your products you do not need just 1 billion people who are regular readers. Therefore adwords program trims the unwanted traffic and targets people who are closely related to the product you are selling.

So if your product is about losing weight then Google Adwords will target only people who want to lose their weight.  Therefore you get maximum profit by selling products to right kind of people.


Google AdwordsThird great attribute of Google Adwords is that competition is very manageable. There are many other business owners who will be using this program. So you will face some kind of competition from there side.

Hence you have to bid for keywords very carefully. Adwords program will help you in creating your daily budget. This program is very fair and you can trust Google to be transparent.

But I suggest you not to be afraid of competition. You just have to rank high in top 3 ad positions.

Low Cost

Google Adwords is not a free program. As I said earlier you have to adjust your daily budget. Google will only show ads when you pay beforehand using credit card.

You can surely bring down your daily cost for showing advertisements. Choose keywords carefully, see to it that fewer advertisers are competing for it.

If you manage your budget smartly then Adwords can pay you high dividends. You can reach out and sell maximum products to your potential customers, at the same time you spend less on advertisements.

24 X 7

Unlike offline marketing, Google Adwords is always available. Your advertisements will be showing 24 X 7 without any interruption. So it means you will be in touch with your customers all the time.

These days a business can only survive if it is running 24 X 7. In fact because of this reason business owners are moving their business from offline to online.

Google Adwords program is perfect if you desire to run your business 24 hours in a day.

User Friendly Interface

Last reason for using Google Adwords would be its user friendly interface. From creating advertisements to managing budgets, everything can be done easily and hassle free.

Even if you are new to Adwords program, it takes hardly few days to master all the key functions or features of this program. Google will fully co-operate with you by taking through each and every step.

Moreover, Google keeps updating Adwords interface over a regular interval of time. So that it can become easier for users like you.


In concluding remarks I would only say that Google Adwords is one of the best programs to increase your online business revenue. Some of its advantages are

  1. Maximum Exposure
  2. To the point
  3. Noncompetitive
  4. Low cost
  5. 24 X 7
  6. User Friendly Interface

I hope you can get started now.

Pritam Nagrale is an internet marketer & a full time blogger. He also runs classes for SEO training in Mumbai where you can learn latest SEO strategy & how to use Google AdWords effectively.

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  1. wheee seryoso,mmmmm ayos to low cost… tas friendly pa… hhmm di ko pa natry maglagay nito sa blog eh..
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  2. Lizzie of Pinkville says:

    I haven’t tried this even for once. :) I’m just using the keyword tool. Thanks for sharing.
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  3. Amit Shaw says:

    Hi Pritam, I have a $100 AdWords Coupon but don’t have much idea about it. How to use it?
    Can you guide me what to do or not?
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  4. Marie says:

    I often receive “gutschein” from Adwords, sent by snail mail or via email and via hosting too…never tried using it though :/ What a waste!
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  5. marri says:

    This is interesting and can be of great help to those who have existing business to properly and easily monitor daily operations.
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