How Norton 360 Can Protect Your Computer?

As technology is used for constructive purpose the same can be used for destructive purpose as well. While sharing of knowledge helps you prosper stealing or harming your computer resources will destroy your fortunes.

Hence, it is essential to protect your computer from all kinds of virus and malicious code. Norton 360 presented by Symantec Corporation is one of the robust anti-virus software available in the market. Even though there are a number of anti-virus products in the market, the need of the hour is the ability to act quickly and to consume less system resources.

Norton 360 gives you 360° of protection to your computer. As you explore information in the front end, Norton will perform required operations in the background.

Norton 360

Harmful areas

There are various means through which virus may infect your computer. It is possible to get infected when you exchange information from SD cards and thumb drives. When a computer exchanges information with a corrupt computer in a LAN (Local Area Network), it may be affected by the virus.

The chances of virus infection are more when your computer is connected to the internet. When you land on unsafe websites your computer is likely to be affected by the virus. Hackers will try to steal personal information from your computer by tracking your footprints carefully. Your sensitive information should be protected by all means.

A virus can corrupt various web applications. Corrupt files may intrude your mail box. Advertisements posted on various sites and cookies are potential threats to the security of your computer.

Online protection

As the protection software warns you against potential threats from downloaded files you will be to prevent the entry of harmful files in your computer. The fully automated software will protect your computer on 24/7 basis. It efficiently handles botnets which is employed by hackers to collect your private information.

You are protected from Phishing sites. One of the greatest advantages with Norton 360 is that you will be able to login to online banking and shopping sites with one touch mechanism. As you are not required to enter username and password information, login details cannot be traced by keylogger software.

Norton 360 protects your browser so that it will not fall prey to malware intrusions. The software will be updated on a continuous basis and consume minimum system resources. You can utilize the automatic backup facility in addition to the 2GB secured online data storage. You are not going to compromise on system boot up time. Your system will be protected from unauthorized wireless network access. Even if you enter into unsecured network, you will get a warning message.

Norton 360 advantage

The software fights against virus, worms, and Trojan horses and can prevent all kinds of hacking attempts. With Norton 360 in your hand, you can erase suspicious mail completely from the Inbox. When Norton is installed on your computer you can surf websites with peace of mind. Norton 360 is capable to thwart spyware attacks.

You can play online games and share information with your friends through social networking sites. Norton 360 has provision to check the authenticity of a website. This is useful to make secure financial transactions through banking and online shopping portals. The anti-virus software will check the certificates of the website and will monitor the site to check any suspicious activities on the site.

With updated Norton 360 at your disposal you can download files from various sources without any worries. Even if you suspect after downloading a file, you will be able to block the file immediately. In spite of providing the best possible care to prevent all kinds of attacks on your computer, Norton 360 advises users to take backup of important files at regular intervals. This will help you manage with the available information in emergency situations. The software will optimize the performance of your hard drive by removing the unnecessary muddle.


It is required to install highly efficient anti-virus software to keep your computer safe at all times. It is required to check files and devices from the time the computer is booted and until it is switched off. As prevention is better than cure it is always advisable to install robust anti-virus software.

The software should be updated periodically to prevent latest malware and hacking attempts. Norton 360 is an award winning protection software that prevents all kinds of cyber threats. The software implements leading intelligence system to scan the entire computer to detect the presence of unwanted and harmful files.

Jane Sheeba is a passionate blogger and an experienced consultant. She also writes for a website that features norton 360 coupon and carbonite offer code 2012. You can make use of grand discounts offered by Norton 360 and Carbonite to get the best protection for your computer.


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