Have you ever wonder what would our lives be if Facebook was not created?

One of the leading social networking sites in the modern times is Facebook. People who are using the internet know what it is. Even if you ask kids or older people who are fond of surfing the internet, it will not be a surprise if they are  familiar with Facebook. This website is capable of bringing everybody closer even if they are physical far from each other. The website is able to let their users do many things. They can play online games, they can communicate with other people, they can express their emotions and unspoken thoughts and they can even promote their business.


Everything is possible with Facebook! It only shows that our traditional way of living have been improved because of it. According to the latest survey, there are approximately 2.2 billion people who are using Facebook as part of their lives. Most of them state that life without Facebook is worthless. The potentials of this social networking site benefited people in many ways.

Common benefits that are enjoyed by Facebook users

  1. Medium for Communication. Before, we have to spend money for calling our love ones through telephone. Even if we are using our mobile phones, we are still aching for the cost of rates. There are many telecommunication companies that are exaggerating their rates because of the demand. But with the help of Facebook, we can reach out to other people through the internet. There are applications installed in the website that is able to provide voice over internet protocol and video calling.
  2. Gateway for Online Business. Like I’ve said, there are online marketers both local and international who uses Facebook as the ground for their business. It is easier to promote your products and it’s free. You can enhance the potential of acquiring many customers because the website connects you to billions of users.
  3. Treatment for Boredom. Both men and women, young and old are playing online games on Facebook, aside from the fact that it’s free, the games makes your dull moment exciting and full of fun. You can even play games with other people while communicating to them and even if they are not beside you. This makes Facebook really exciting. As a parent, having Facebook makes you worry less of your children from going out because they are busy with their Facebook either playing or chatting with other friends.

These are just few things that are made possible because of Facebook. Not to mention the possibility of having an online job, there are cases reported wherein crimes were solved because of this social networking site. There are many people who fully depend on the website because of its benefits.

So when you imagine internet without Facebook is like losing an important part of your life.