Facebook has become one of the most successful and most used social networking sites in the world. Almost everyone who knows how to use a computer and has internet access owns a Facebook account. Some even have two accounts under their name. Facebook users use this media to tell the world what they feel, what they know, places they have been and uses it as a means to communicate to other people in every corner of the world. Yet today, with the advent of GetAbout.Me, your Facebook page can be changed into something more creative, more fun and more interactive page about yourself. Let’s take a look at how it works.

GetAbout.Me is a program or an application that uses infographics. Infographic is a way of presenting a data or fact about a product or about a person. If you will use GetAbout.Me as a part of your Facebook profile, you’ll get to see how many statuses you had for last year, how many photos you enjoyed sharing with your friends, or how many likes you have received in every comment you made. This application will analyze everything for you and present it in a way that can be easily understood. It can show you what time of the day you are most active as well as the percentage of friends you had in terms of gender and preferences. Interesting? Find out how you can use it!


To be able to use this service, all you have to do is sign up to their website. The website will ask you to login using your Facebook account’s email address and password. This application will simply generate your social network activity report and will tell you how Facebook addict you are. The good thing about this application is, after generating the report, you will be given the chance to check it for yourself first and see if it is worth posting. If you wanted to, you can post it in your wall for all of your friends to see. If not, it can be kept private and al reports about your media activity can be sent to your email.

This website and application will help you look at yourself and your Facebook profile differently. You might even find the statistics interesting especially the result of the analysis. You might find yourself surprised to know how addicted you are in telling the world of your achievement via your statuses or your pictures.

Highlights of your Facebook Infographics Created with GetAbout.Me

  • Shows your your nearest and farthest check-ins
  • List down Facebook pages and groups you’re in.
  • Categorized your friends list based on zodiac symbols
  • Indicates the number of photos you’re tagged with
  • Shows a graph of where your friends from and where they live now
  • Shows a graph of your activity for the past 12 months
  • Shows your most active day on Facebook

Check my Facebook Infographic created by GetAbout.Me Check It

Final Thoughts

Still, infographics presentation are one of the best and easiest way of presenting facts and only Facebook and this application can give you that satisfaction.  So what are you waiting, check  GetAbout.Me now and start creating your very own Facebook infographics.