Tips For Lowering Down Web Design Cost

Today every single business on earth has a website of its own; regardless of whether you own a small or a big business, having a website is a necessity. With the growing need of websites, people have also started considering options that will lower down the web design cost. With this, affordable web designers have also stepped in the picture. Not only you can find several affordable web designers but they are highly efficient as well; they can design you a very useful website within your budget which will surely acquire a good ranking just because of its user friendly design.

Tips For Lowering Down Web Design Cost

Go for Freelancersweb design

If you are looking for web designers who will get the job done within reasonable rates or staying in your budget; I would suggest that you hire developers from India who are pretty affordable. You will find several web designers who will give you quality services and not go beyond your budget. Not only affordable web designers can be found in India but all around the world; for instance, you can get a hold of many freelance web designers who come cheaper compared to web designing companies. I would not really suggest that you go with all those big web designing companies because they usually charge a lot. Although their services are extra ordinary and they will get the job done exactly the way you want them too but several individual web designers can do the same thing as well for a lower price.

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Free Themes

The only thing that can lower your web design cost is going with affordable web designers and skipping on things such as premium themes for your website that will ask for investment. If you have chosen WordPress for your blog or website’s platform, you can choose from thousands of free themes to apply as well. Such techniques can help in saving a lot. Other than this you can go with a cheap web designer.

Do Your Homework First

Remember, cheap is not always bad but you need to do your research before hiring a web designer who will work for a lower price. Always check the designer’s past work and ask for sample work. It is best that you go for designers who have created websites relevant to what your website will be like before. See their work and approve if you like it. Finding something that will cost lower than usual is not easy but not too hard either; depends on your research.

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25 Responses to “Tips For Lowering Down Web Design Cost”

  1. axlppi says:

    agree… search muna before anything else to do para sre ka sa gagawing web design
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  2. Saving money is very important to me , I thank you for sharing your tips to lower down a web design cost. I was actually contemplating on hiring a developer because I am pretty bad about html and stuff. Thanks a lot
    juanderfulpinoy invites you to read..TRAVEL NUTSMy Profile

  3. Carizza Chua says:

    true. hehe i can totally relate cause im a freelance web designer :)

  4. Sumi says:

    I definitely agree with this post.. :) I wanted to hire a web designer to pimp my blog but just settled for my own tweaking since I wanted to save money. I initially wanted to incorporate flash on my blog, but I’m actually quite satisfied with my current design.. :)
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  5. Jinkee Umali says:

    There are many web tutorials out there where one DIY. It will just take a lot of enthusiasm to do it. Anyway, I am speaking of my own experience which become one of bread and butter.

    Jinkee Umali of

  6. Bam says:

    Nice advice. another alternative is you can use wordpress and customized the theme and CSS and you might save a lot of money.
    Bam invites you to read..Game ON: Streetfood Tycoon ReviewMy Profile

  7. Aileen says:

    I’m a graphics designer myself so I do my own web designing. And I save up through this way. Knowing how to play with Photoshop really has its advantages so I guess it’s better to try and start off there if web owners want to reaaaally save up.
    Aileen invites you to read..May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!My Profile

  8. Liane Markus says:

    This is a great tip and advice that you have provided us.I am certain that many people will be reeving great benefits from this.
    Liane Markus invites you to read..nail Fungus TreatmentMy Profile

  9. Agree the point cheap is not always bad , & the second one deep analysis is essential for getting good desired results.Thanks

  10. Steve says:

    Good written , informative article posted, Thanks

  11. Gene says:

    As much as possible, I make use of free themes and modify it myself. That way, I can learn web design and save a lot at the same time.
    Gene invites you to read..Kopiko KopiccinoMy Profile

  12. I actually know a few web designers. But I’m a bit shy about asking them to design my website.. I know it would be helpful but I will have to do some of my own research first. Thanks for the tips! =)

  13. Arwin says:

    I am not a web design expert but I agree that before you do any action you must at least do your homework by doing some research. In this way you could have an idea about it but if you are not that good in doing some research, you could always ask your friends about their thoughts and I am sure they will not let you down without any answer.
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  14. Josie says:

    I haven’t tried hiring a professional web designer,as I might not able to explain clearly how I want my blog will look and end up disappointed with the results. :(
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  15. Matsumoto says:

    We experienced working with someone from India, not only was the English a problem, we had problems with deadlines and execution too. Not to say all of them are but I’d rather go with a webdesigner who has established herself/himself well…just my 2 cents but yes, if you can design why not do it then :D
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  16. chrisair says:

    I agree they seem to be computer genius and like Pinoys they also everywhere in the web learning, innovating and competing
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  17. Tori says:

    I don’t have the money yet to buy a theme, I’m thankful that a friend gave me one :D Thanks for the tips, will keep them in mind, for now I’m contented with my theme.
    Tori invites you to read..Clozette – be inspired!My Profile

  18. Pinoy.MD says:

    indeed, true!!! ;)

    with the number of my blogs, i can’t afford for a higher cost web designers..most of my blogs are having free themes..but i am learning how to design now.. ;)
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  19. You are right, you can find web developer in affordable rate. It is good to hire a freelancer or you can also outsource your work in India where you can find talented developer at affordable rate.

  20. Blanca says:

    These are great tips, thanks for sharing.:)
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  21. marri says:

    i have only one blog and don’t think i will be needing web designer for it yet. i am planning to add another blog site but i will still use free designs available.

    thanks for the info anyways.
    marri invites you to read..Against All OddsMy Profile

  22. I’m into free themes then I simply tweak some codes or replace some images to personalize it.
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  23. rachelle says:

    thanks to free themes i had my 4 blogs with no cost at all. and of course to Matsumoto and my SIL for their tremendous help. :D
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  24. mizu says:

    While checking a freelancers past work is a good advice in general, I’d want to point out that this can be misleading too.
    Freelancers very often work for clients that are bound to tight budgets. More often than not those client are also in a hurry to get their website done.
    This may lead to generic looking designs which then show up in the freelancers portfolio. That doesn’t always mean he/she isn’t capable of doing a more sophisticated design, it just reflects what former clients accepted.
    Therefore I rather advice to look at their company website. Is the design acceptable? Does it reveal a physical address? Check the contact forms, are they properly organized, easy to fill out?
    This will tell you something about commitment, how serious the work has been taken.


  25. levy says:

    agree. Do some research first to save you some moolah

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