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Social network industry suddenly just exploded like a nuke bomb. With the emergence of twitter, facebook, linkedin, google+ and many more, what to choose may be your biggest problem. You may want to use multiple if you are that fond of social networking. However, if business dictates your need to have multiple social networks. That can give you so many things to handle and at times it can be stressful enough.

Managing multiple social networking sites are made possible due to some entrepreneurs that saw the emergence of the need to have multiple social network in order for them to achieve much success in getting across the web easily and efficiently. Having multiple social networks might give you borderless network because of integration capability and sharing.

There are many types of social network management apps out there. This tool or apps can help you manage your multiple social networks with ease and with no compromise. The most successfully and probably the first was HootSuite. It is formerly known as BrightKit. Due to its clean UI and publishing capabilities, it received many positive feedback as oppose to it nowadays counterparts. Since its launching, it gathered so many users. And because of it being the first kind, it can support many social networking sites not just most used but almost all of the social networking sites. According to some sources, it currently has 3 million users as of 2012. This means that HootSuite is the most and widely used of all social networking management.

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There are others social networking management application out there that offers the same services. Like the TweetDeck and Seemic however, it never reached the same success the as the HootSuite. But like most apps out there, some are still not satisfied with the big three’s social networking management interface and capabilities.

The newest social networking management to date that jump in the social networking management bandwagon is GrabInbox. It is developed by Nischal Shetty and Sameer Mhatre. It offers different approach regarding managing multiple social networks. It pioneered the use of notification instead of columns. Columns get clogged up if so much social network is present on the tab. It is also very likely that some updates may be missed and my not be checked. That is why GrabInbox moved away from the columns. Another one of its feature is the JustLater. It focuses on timing the posts and updates to the right time and also schedules it automatically.

Managing multiple social networks requires a lot of time and is sometimes hard to maintain. The important thing to consider on finding the right one is pick the easy to use and pick the most widely used. In that case, getting support from other users across the globe or on the web might not be a problem.

Social Network Sites Supported

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

With GrabInbox, managing social network accounts is as easy as 123.

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12 Responses to “Social Networking Made Easy with GrabInbox”

  1. I am always looking for new tools, but I find almost all of them focus on the big 3. I am hoping to find one that will include Google+, but this one sounds promising, might have to check it out.
    Sarah Garrison invites you to read..4 Tips for Your e-NewsletterMy Profile

  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful review! We’re working hard on adding more features. Expect some cool new stuff soon!

  3. Ann says:

    I’ve used Hootsuite, but had trouble managing it with my boss. I’m going to look into the Grabinbox. It sounds like a better way. Thanks, Herbert.
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  4. gusto ko tong apps na to ang ganda…
    thanks for this one!!!
    Axl Powerhouse Production invites you to read..Powerhouse Journey : Burke Building – EscoltaMy Profile

  5. yuuki says:

    never tried social mg’t tool, maybe bec i don’t require one yet as i only manage my personal accts…
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  6. joy says:

    am always looking for new utilities, this one looks cool, am gonna try it first yet hehe
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  7. Josie says:

    I still need to learn about this networking apps as I’m not a techie person, but it’s worth a try once in a while as long as it will be beneficial to my blogs
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  8. chrisair says:

    I am always looking more ways on how I can systemize the social syndication of my site, I might try my luck on this one. Thanks!
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  9. Am a huge fan of hootsuite, but may give Grab in Box a shot! Am always looking for tools to make my life easier. Thanks for the rec!

  10. dimaks says:

    I am in for all of these integrators online but the thing is, I have the tendency to forget the multitude of my accounts. I think I am going to test this. Thanks for the feature.

  11. rachelle says:

    I’m not really that active in my social networking. but this is nice for those that really need further maintenance in their multiple accounts.
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  12. Hi Herbert,

    Thank your very much for this post…it’s very useful!

    So…what’s the best between HootSuite and GrabInBox?

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