Are Green Jobs Changing the World


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The Top Jobs you Might Consider for a Career Change Within The Green Sector

In the same way that many of us now work in jobs that didn’t exist when we were at school (just witness the rise of the digital sector), our children are likely to be considering a range of cutting-edge jobs in the green sector in just a few short years. And certainly this green sector does offer a wealth of opportunities, with some of the finest minds in technology, science, policy and business working together to find innovations in the sustainability and environmental arena. Government policy seems set to drive more and more industry towards greener operating models and the public purse looks likely to heavily fund this burgeoning sector in the medium term. It also offers fantastic career opportunities, with many roles still emerging and developing along with the sector itself.

 A Wide Range of Jobs

The green sector covers a gamut of professions – so there is likely to be something that will match your skill set. The opportunities for freelancers and self-employed people are huge – whether that’s as carbon-management consultants, sustainability project managers, freelance CSR communications professionals or PhD students working on funded research projects.

 Built Engineering and Built Environment

For those qualified in the growing areas of design and sustainability building management, BREEAM  jobs are an interesting and rewarding role, often suitable for freelancers and the self-employed. Other top jobs include sustainable engineers and architects and designers of energy-efficient homes.

 Energy and Renewables

The UK is under pressure to transition to a lower-carbon economy and move quickly to do so. This means creating energy security and driving innovation. For example, £200 billion is needed to make necessary upgrades to the nation’s electricity infrastructure in the next decade and similar targets are in place to double renewable energy. In fact, government targets state that by 2020 15% of UK energy must come from a range of renewable sources such as solar, geothermal, marine, wind, bio-fuels and hydro. There are many opportunities in these sectors, from the scientists who develop new bio-fuel crops to the car designers and producers who manufacture energy-efficient hybrid cars. Vast project teams with all kinds of skills are required to work on these large-scale energy projects, which often have generous budgets attached.

 Green Opportunities

The UK has a binding target to cut 80% of carbon emissions by 2050. At the same time, business is realizing the attractive cost savings, marketing benefits and wider opportunities that greener operations can bring. An ‘Eco-system‘ of environmental activities and businesses is rapidly springing up as a result – everything from SIA consulting through to permaculture, water management and corporate social responsibility. This offers fantastic opportunities for those who can get qualified in new and in-demand roles and either join existing organizations offering such services, or set up their own businesses or consultancies offering them to companies and other organizations.

 The growth of the green sector is only set to continue, so smart opportunists will position themselves accordingly to meet the demands of a changing world and make sure that their skill set and experience aligns them well to building a rich and diverse career within the sector – today and in the future.


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13 Responses to “Are Green Jobs Changing the World”

  1. Liane Markus says:

    At this point of time, many people are looking for jobs that will fit them and their needs. However what is important is that they will be able to provide their family with their needs and they will be able to survive the changing world.
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  2. Mina says:

    It’s great that more jobs are becoming available for the taking. However, people seem to still pick a field where they think they’d be happy or expand their abilities.

    I say, if there are green jobs that matches your qualifications, take it. Besides, you’re not only helping yourself working in the green sector but the environment as well.

    What’s not to like?`

  3. marri says:

    more jobs…
    more opportunities…
    more money for EVERYONE…
    therefore, our planet will be greener.
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  4. I read at one time that you were asking about people who were working at oDesk. So I have but one question.. is considered a ‘workplace’ where people can look for green jobs? I’m simply curious.

  5. stacy says:

    I have not seen green jobs being available in the Philippines> I wonder why
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  6. Hazel says:

    Hypothetically, the UK is likely to achieve their energy targets given their vast wealth and resources (not to mention power).
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  7. Matsumoto says:

    @Stacy: even blue jobs are rare in Pinas! :D Kidding aside, I think going green is a great initiative, hope many would follow.
    Matsumoto invites you to read..Pirate Ship PlaysetsMy Profile

  8. levyousa says:

    I love to breath fresh air and be surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers, I hope someone will pay me to take care of the environment.
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