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 Upon hearing the word strawberry jam, what could be the first thing that comes to your mind? With me, I think of food. But that was before I get to know the StrawberryJam in social media. Yes, this is a different kind of strawberry jam and I would be most obliged to discuss this today.

Let us all admit it, when you have a twitter account, you want to have many followers and you follow so many persons too. Question is, are you able to keep up with all of them if you have about 500 or more people in your twitter account. I personally can’t. It feels to me that everyone talks about all different things and I get to understand nothing. This is the reason why I love this new application called StrawberryJam. Basically, what it does is to help me categorize what topics are the people in my twitter account all talks about. So I can relate to them and blog about them if I really get hooked up on the topic.


I find this application really helpful to decide what topic I should write each day. Admit it or not, bloggers also find it hard to think of what topic to talk on a daily basis. There will be times when the source of fresh topics dries up and even your twitter account looks like its full of noise and you cannot identify which topic is really trending. With this new application, all those noise are cut down and brings to surface extremely important content you can talk about on your blog.  All you have to do is to use the search engine that says “Links From” and you will be able to identify which topic is best to discuss.

This application can also help you as a blogger to put together lists to find out easily what’s common among the people connected to you through twitter. With this, it will be easy to find the most popular and currently the talk of the town. For example, you can find all the influential people in showbiz and check what is common among their tweets, this way; you can easily spot what their concerns are or what interest them the most.  You would be surprise what this application can do to you and it can make any bloggers life an easy one.

Another very important thing this application do is it will automatically show what is currently popular on the trend.  This way, a blogger will know that writing about such topic will be most beneficial while every  one is talking about Not only that, the application can also identify what is becoming hot on the trend. With this feature, you can certainly prepare for the topic before it gets on the top.  This would mean more traffic for your blog and more revenue for the blogger. Check them out now and start getting to know what’s hot and what’s not with StrawberryJam.

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10 Responses to “Know What’s Hot with StrawberryJam”

  1. Katherine says:

    I agree with the insight that sometimes as a blogger it is really hard to think of a certain topic that would catch the eye of the readers. StrawberryJam is a great help , I’ll check this out! Thanks for the useful information Sir.

  2. James says:

    :) ) I like the title. A lot! I’m also interested in the “trend” part that Strawberryjam offers. I try to be always on the rise
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  3. Herbert,

    That was a delicious post. I have felt quite disjointed on Twitter with over 6000 twitter.followers. I will have to check out strawberry jam.


    Dr. Erica
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  4. Sarah Arrow says:

    Herbert, this is just what I have been looking for! You are a mind reader :-)
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  5. Tristan of Virtual SEO Assistant says:

    I really thought it’s some kind of strawberry jam for sandwiches LOL! Anyway, this is good for blogger who need some help to let their creativity flow thru writing.

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