Many years ago, the only option to keep a journal is by writing it on a piece of paper or notebook.  I remember one of my high school teachers required each and every one of her students to write a diary as part of the project we need to complete.  Therefore, we were forced to have a diary.  Not all of us really wants her to read it but we have no choice was she needs to collect it and read it before she gives us grades. I guess most of us are kind of secretive when it comes to our personal insight and thoughts as students.

To Blog or Not to blog


That was more than a decade ago.  The most wonderful machine a student can have back then is a typewriter. Computers are not yet that popular to students. There are few but it’s only used by high ranking officers and supervisors of companies.  Teachers and students were not that exposed to computers, unless of course you are a computer teacher.  But that was only computers, internet connections are totally different and not much of us have connections online.

If you still remember what “slum notes” are?  I’d like to say that that was the counter part of social media today.  It’s some sort of a notebook where you let your friends put vital information about them and the most exciting question you will answer in slum notes is “Who is your crush?” and “What is love?” Thinking of these things makes me smile at those memories.

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Right now, things are so different. Not so many kids will ever relate to a diary or a journal or even a slum note.  Possibly, those who cannot relate at all are only those who are in the remote areas where internet and computers are not yet introduced.  But that is significantly small in number, nowadays internet connection and computers are everywhere.

Today, blogs have become essential part of our generation. People turn to internet with anything they want to know even with personal needs. Socialization is also made possible by internet.  The conventional way of writing has been taken over by technology and gadgets that can be used to communicate worldwide. Use of ink and paper became obsolete and was replaced by keyboard.  Bloggers can easily target more readers globally compared to what newspapers or magazines can do.

Compared to before, online diaries is the in thing for those who love to write and keep journal for themselves. An option to do this is to sign up to blogs and make the blogs entries that have something to do with chronicles and daily happening with the writer’s life. Making this journal viewable online encourages more people to read it and get entertained. Blogspot and WordPress are good examples of website one can use as a personal journal. Not only that, websites like also offers a great tool to be used as a journal. This website is more like a personal notebook that is customized to become a blog, planner, reminder and even a social tool.  It gives one a new and exciting way to create plans and tasks, write ideas and thoughts, invite other friends to have an account to as well.

Writing a blog as a diary is entertaining and fun to do.  The writer can write anything he likes to and share to his readers, there’s also option for him to make some or all of his post to be private. The passion in blogging leads to a successful blog because of the way the blogger connects to his readers. Through this, readers enjoy visiting the blog of a passionate blogger and come back regularly.

Having a blog as some sort of a diary also helps to influence readers. Inspirational and motivational topics being published greatly affect readers by being inspired. A helpful blog is regarded as an inspiration tool and most of the time being visited regularly by readers, who wants to be inspired, motivated and at the same time entertained.


Bloggers in a way through a blog or a personal diary help readers to go through circumstances that they have gone through while readers are going through at the moment.  Readers and bloggers connect through the same experiences they had so they can share their thoughts and insights. Bloggers can also give advice if solicited by the reader.

The power of the internet has made connection of people even easier no matter the distance and in a more affordable way.  Online journal or diary makes it easily for family and friends to connect to each other and become aware of each other’s activity on a daily basis. This is a special way one can let his love one know how special they are and how you feel about them.

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Online journal or accounts are also a good reference that can be used in the future. Through this, one can easily go back to his record backwards.  No need to keep written documents of the journal because what has been published online can be printed at the time you will need a copy.

Another benefit of having a blog is to create awareness that the blogger exists. This can be a way to promote oneself by showcasing your potentials, skills and talent.  Self expression on a day to day basis through an online diary is an unlimited and boundless way to reach more readers online.

The importance of having an online diary will depend on who is writing the blog and to what purpose it will serve the writer. Passion is the most important thing a blogger should have because that will be the fuel that is needed to keep the blog diary going.