InstantWP – Easy and Quick Way to Install WordPress

The new Instant WordPress  portable and standalone programming tool  can be used even when saved in a USB dongle.  This tool can be used to easily manage or create websites. This is a local installation of WordPress which can be run on a PC without affecting any running program in the machine. This wonderful tool can turn your computer  into a WordPress development server anytime. For FREE!!!


Instant WordPress is designed with a built in, PHP, MySQL and Apache web server. So upon logging in thru the WordPress admin link, one is able to see the dashboard where comments, posts, site stats, themes etc,  so can be easily managed. It will also show defaulted dummy posts and even pages so that you do not need to create one when testing a theme. These dummy posts will show how the theme being tested will look like with posts on it.  Another advantage of this is that the theme being tested on the website will not be showing as live while it’s being tested. You don’t want your readers to see your testing environment or even make them think that they’ve gone to a wrong website.

This tool is best for non-techy bloggers. In fact the tool can be set up fast and without making you sweat or alienate you with technical terms. WordPress is a blogging platform that is very easy to host without requirements that are hard to comply with and so the same principle is being followed by the instant WordPress.

Advantages of Instant WordPress

  • Does not complicate with any other programs running in the computer. This can be used on your computer with affecting any programs you already have.
  • Easy to install. It can actually be installed more than once on your computer without causing any problem. And once you are done or you no longer need it, simply delete it.
  • Easy and quick tool to use WordPress plug in and themes. This will actually allow you to test how themes and plug in would look like on your blog. It will give you a chance to fine tune your blog design before making it live for your readers.
  • Portable.  Take this along with your USB and use it on any computer available with you.
  • Spyware and Adware free.
  • It runs on its own.  This is a perfect example of a plug and play mechanism on your device.

Disadvantages of Instant WordPress

  • The only disadvantage I can see on this program is that it cannot be used on a live environment. But I think that is a  given fact because it is created for testing only.

Components :

Listed below are the components that consists of Instant WordPress 4.1

  • MySQL 5.1.46-community-nt
  • Apache 2.2.15 (Win32)
  • WordPress 3.2
  • Dummy WordPress contents (for testing purposes)

So if you are really committed to blogging and you are the type of person who thinks and wants to do experiment on your blog from time to time, even if that means when you are not connected to the internet, instant WordPress  is the best for you.

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Herbert is the author behind Two-sided Perspective, a blog about views and insights about Blogging, SEO and Internet Marketing and Social Media. +Herbert is an online freelancer and father who loves to blog during his past time.

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41 Responses to “InstantWP – Easy and Quick Way to Install WordPress”

  1. Julie says:

    Such a nice tool! I haven’t heard about this one yet, but it seems to be genial. With this, I only need a wordpad or something like that to write the script. That’s really fantastic! Thanks for sharing this text!
    Julie invites you to implantMy Profile

  2. I hadn’t heard of this yet and I love WordPress. Looking forward to learning more about it – great find!

  3. Celine says:

    this is cool! thanks for sharing.. :) looks like it would indeed make setting up a website or blog more user-friendly.. i can probably try it too!

  4. ROMELO says:

    I think this is worth checking out. I see that it can be useful in testing different blog environments but when it comes to setting up a live blog I prefer doing it the hard way.
    ROMELO invites you to read..Sign-Up For Guild Wars 2 BetaMy Profile

  5. I’ve never used WordPress, I would really like too, do you guys all feel that it’s the best one to use out there?

  6. Anthony says:

    That is great! I love portable applications and having one for WordPress will make life better for me.
    Anthony invites you to read..bedroom furniture for kidsMy Profile

  7. always10list says:

    I’m still on the phase of migrating from blogger to word press though I might as include this on my must-read bookmarks. I still don’t understand more of wordpress though I’m catching up. :)
    always10list invites you to read..10 of the Important Tips to Avoid Withdrawing from your College CourseMy Profile

  8. mary smith says:

    Cool! This is a great instructional for starters! When i was starting with IM, i struggled with wordpress installation so i am thankful that such clear information are available now for newbies :)
    mary smith invites you to read..The Benefits Of Including Dandelion Tea In Your Daily DietMy Profile

  9. Badet says:

    WordPress is really user-friendly. I’d love to give this a try.
    Badet invites you to read..Project BathroomMy Profile

  10. Chan says:

    Before I learned how to install WP I had hubby do it all and he keeps complaining it’s not easy, he’s used to doing flash websites kasi…well WordPress is LOVE!
    Chan invites you to read..Challenge Yourself and Head To The Slopes In New York, USAMy Profile

  11. Liane Markus says:

    This is definitely an instant wordpress information which we can use. I am sure many people are looking for this kind of post because there are already an increasing number of internet users who are benefiting from wordpress.
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  12. WOW! Instant WP! I am needing to look into this application. Instant is always better with in my field!
    Tara Woodruff invites you to read..My Primary Business: You’ll Want to See this!My Profile

  13. Jay says:

    I love wordpress but any tool that can help make managing it faster and easier is OK by me.

  14. JonathanN says:

    I enjoyed reading your nice blog. I see you offer priceless
    info. Will definitely come back for more of this.
    JonathanN invites you to read..Accounting Clerk Resume Template SampleMy Profile

  15. Tonya says:

    I really like wordpress! It was really easy for me to navigate when I first started blogging.
    Great write up
    Tonya invites you to read..Dining out tonight??My Profile

  16. dimaks says:

    This is my first time to hear about this tool. I think it is a great option for those who do not want to go through the technicalities of installing WP.
    dimaks invites you to read..UFC 144 Edgar vs. Henderson in Saitama, JapanMy Profile

  17. That is so cool! Had no idea and I am a major WordPress fan! Will definitely check this out. Thanks.
    Debra Eckerling invites you to read..Write On! Wednesday – February Contest, Post Goals & MoreMy Profile

  18. Daniel Job says:

    Hi Herbert

    It is a great thing for me seeing a plugin that way this way, I really love and liked its simple to use interface. Thanks for sharing it with us :)
    Daniel Job invites you to read..Oando Oil Job for RIG OPERATOR Latest VacancyMy Profile

  19. I didn’t know there’s a portable tool for WordPress. Cool stuff. I guess I’ll try that out later.
    Valerie Joy Deveza invites you to read..Does your business have a blog?My Profile

  20. Gera says:

    Hi Hebert,

    Great information. I didn’t know about this portable software to install WP for testing, very interesting to explore new plugins and themes before going live :)

    I’ll dive further on it!


    Gera invites you to read..8 Android Apps that Make Your Life SweeterMy Profile

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