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The Google+ Identity Card

It’s just a while when a friend of mine at Facebook posted about an ID, a Google+ ID. Due to my curiosity, I tried searching if its for real or not. Luckily, I found some very reliable resources that indeed it’s an identification card for Google+ with your name on it, the date you joined the Google+ network and a QR Code. The only thing I don’t know is if it’s really from Google.

My Google+ ID Created at Hangout Graphics


Creating your very own Google+ ID is so easy, all you need to do is fill some basic information and your card will be delivered to you as an image file. To get started, head over to Hangout Graphics and fill the details and generate your very own Google+ Identity Card.

Since the Google+ card is not fully recognized, here are some ways for you to make use of it. You can use it as:

  • Business Card
  • Calling Card

On the other hand, you can also make a Google License Card( it’s actually an unofficial card), thanks to My Google+ who made a tremendous effort in coming up with the idea. All you need to do is input your Google+ ID number and it will automatically generate a ready made card with your details on it. To make your own Unofficial Google License Card, just head to this link.

Google ID

Everything is changing now and technology really made a big impact of how people live their daily lives.  We may find this as a useless idea but the fact that everything now relies on the internet, these ID’s will soon be a requirement.

Do you think this ID can take the next level or this will be just one fragment of the people behind this. Tell us what are your thoughts about  Google ID.

  • Jomar Lipon

    Nice one. I created my identification card.. It can be also my calling card..Heheheh

    • Herbert

      Yeah Jomar, thats a good idea

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  • http://www.iheartgiveaways,info Algene

    This is so cool :) Will certainly check the link and try getting my own card.

    • Herbert

      Go for it Algene 😀

  • NextPing

    The second one’s great! Sana meron parang ATM card….

    • Herbert

      You can make one of your own Sir, :)

  • emp

    Ayos ah… ma try nga to…

    • Herbert

      Let us know Emp what you think of it

  • Allie

    Those are cool! You can trick people into thinking you work for Google. Or at least I can, I live near their campus in the CA. Just don’t let them look too close. Lol.


    • Herbert

      Yes Allie, these IDs can be a decoration to my wallet :)

  • Liane Markus

    What you have here is something which we can use eith our work and I am glad you were able to state to us this very useful information of yours. I appreciate the time and effort that you spend in making this and showing this to us.

    • Herbert

      Thank you Liane

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