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Not so long ago, in fact it’s just few months ago, Jux was introduced into social media. The main purpose of this is to give an easy way to bloggers who does not have very in-depth experience and technical knowledge in blogging to have an enjoyable and productive life as a blogger.

This publishing platform allows the user to present their works in a portfolio format that is streamlined. Basically, what this aims is to fill the gaps in Blogger and Flickr and to make the blog of neophyte bloggers looks more effective and professional. This will allow the user to post quotes, videos and photos, do slideshows and even do a countdown is a very user friendly interface.


To able to experience this, you have to visit Jux.com and have yourself registered. I have done it myself to secure my name availability. Immediately after I signed up, I was given options of what kind of post I want to do. Options I have are to post a block quote, an article, a countdown, a slideshow, a photo or a video. I chose to do an article. To my surprise, I was also given a chance to send my post to the world through facebook, twitter and email, options that I also have with my existing blogs. Editing the blog is also easy; options to edit its title, blog description and byline are available.

Compared to other blogging platforms, Jux is totally free to use. It also does not have any advertisement which most of the time is present in other blogging platforms. Having this, gives an opportunity to truly express what or who the blogger is without competing to advertisement within the blog. This ensures that when a reader visits your blog, the attention is on the blogger’s post 100 percent. But since this platform has been around for a few months, we can expect more improvement and changes from time to time. This is one way to improve benefits of bloggers and readers at the same time.

As expected, there are possibilities of basic charges to incur on certain features of the blog in the future. Possibly themes and every rate of exposure, but this is just an assumption. Of course we don’t want to eliminate the fact that the creators of this platform will need funds to support its users and also need to earn to support themselves. That is just normal and should not be taken against the developer.

Few things that are not yet available on this are the option to write comments on videos and photos uploaded by the user. It does have yet the ability to have the blog followed on RSS yet, (rest assured developed have promised this is being developed).  I will be looking after this feature in the future, hope it would not be that long.  Have you tried it or planning to create one? Share your thoughts about your experience with Jux.

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14 Responses to “Experience Blogging with Jux”

  1. pauldoh says:

    Wow. So Jux is basically like Tumbr?
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  2. chrisair says:

    ah so this another platform for blogging right, I thought it was a social network again to features and share our post. Let see if this one will hit and click
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  3. Fauzul says:

    Certainly an aesthetically pleasing platform compared with the others. Would be nice place to start a photo blog because of the nice UI, presentation of the photos would be cool.
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  4. Liane Markus says:

    I am aware that blogging is actually one of the most exciting yet challenging activities that can be done online. However, I am glad that you were able to share to us this blog regarding blogging. I am sure many will be interested in reading this.
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  5. Thank you for sharing this. It looks really interesting. I like it when something is just starting. I will certainly try it. Oh boy, I learn something new every day.
    thanks again,
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  6. Kostas says:

    Hi Herbert,
    This is the first time that I hear about Jux, thanks for sharing it certainly worth taking a look…
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  7. Sarah Reece says:

    Hey Herbert,

    Thanks for introducing us to Jux. It sounds pretty much interesting to me. I’m new to blogging, and understand how difficult it can be to organize stuff in one’s blog. This option looks quite cool and hassle free. I’m definitely on my way to exploring it. Cheers :)
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