In order to gauge how healthy your blog is, there should be more than a couple of comments in each and every post. It should not be just any comment but it is important that the comment is related to the topic where the comment is left (this means that your article was read by the visitor). Why, because there are some blog hoppers who will simply leave a comment about anything under the sun and have nothing to do with your post just to simply advertise their website.  Leaving a comment practically gives a commenter a chance to show a link back to his/her website to encourage more visitors.

Let us face the fact that that is one of the reasons why comments are left to your blog post. Aside from the decent percentage of those who really want to read you blog because they get entertained or they really need the information you give, a large number of blog commenter do simply comment as a way of free advertising.  The more traffic your site have, the better chance they get someone to click going to their blog.

Given this scenario, I believe that blog commenter’s should still be rewarded to get a chance to showcase their website to other visitors. Anyway, this is vital to all bloggers. Even yourself, would like to have someone visit your website and comment about your posts. This encourage every to hop from one website to another, giving everyone a chance to be visited and at the same time enriches the knowledge of those who blog hop. How? Well, reading stimulates knowledge.

If you want everything I mentioned on top, I think it’s time I introduce you to Commentluv.  This pretty little tool, allows you to get more traffic, encourage readers to comment about your posts, and its gives you more chance of getting back links for the benefit of your website, at least to your latest post. If you leave a comment to a Commentluv enabled blog or website, you get a chance to add a link going back to your site. This actually allows one to give a brand to their website and to increase its visibility.

Reasons why CommentLuv is important for commenters

Backlink rewards
Sites is branded and becomes visible
More networks
Establish a link building campaign

Reasons why CommentLuv is important for website owners

More chances of getting links to blogs with similar niche as yours. Search Engine loves this
Very easy to install

Keywordluv comes along with Commentluv, so you should know this as well. Having a Keywordluv plugin also allows your blog to have an edge in getting comments. Many commenters love to showcase their anchor texts. So with Keywordluv, instead of leaving comments that looks like “example @ the best example”, this will look like “example from the best example”. Doing this actually allows the website to rank well with their keyword on the search engines therefore it brings more traffic.

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