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CommentluvIn order to gauge how healthy your blog is, there should be more than a couple of comments in each and every post. It should not be just any comment but it is important that the comment is related to the topic where the comment is left (this means that your article was read by the visitor). Why, because there are some blog hoppers who will simply leave a comment about anything under the sun and have nothing to do with your post just to simply advertise their website.  Leaving a comment practically gives a commenter a chance to show a link back to his/her website to encourage more visitors.

Let us face the fact that that is one of the reasons why comments are left to your blog post. Aside from the decent percentage of those who really want to read you blog because they get entertained or they really need the information you give, a large number of blog commenter do simply comment as a way of free advertising.  The more traffic your site have, the better chance they get someone to click going to their blog.

Given this scenario, I believe that blog commenter’s should still be rewarded to get a chance to showcase their website to other visitors. Anyway, this is vital to all bloggers. Even yourself, would like to have someone visit your website and comment about your posts. This encourage every to hop from one website to another, giving everyone a chance to be visited and at the same time enriches the knowledge of those who blog hop. How? Well, reading stimulates knowledge.

If you want everything I mentioned on top, I think it’s time I introduce you to Commentluv.  This pretty little tool, allows you to get more traffic, encourage readers to comment about your posts, and its gives you more chance of getting back links for the benefit of your website, at least to your latest post. If you leave a comment to a Commentluv enabled blog or website, you get a chance to add a link going back to your site. This actually allows one to give a brand to their website and to increase its visibility.

Reasons why CommentLuv is important for commenters

Backlink rewards
Sites is branded and becomes visible
More networks
Establish a link building campaign

Reasons why CommentLuv is important for website owners

More chances of getting links to blogs with similar niche as yours. Search Engine loves this
Very easy to install

Keywordluv comes along with Commentluv, so you should know this as well. Having a Keywordluv plugin also allows your blog to have an edge in getting comments. Many commenters love to showcase their anchor texts. So with Keywordluv, instead of leaving comments that looks like “example @ the best example”, this will look like “example from the best example”. Doing this actually allows the website to rank well with their keyword on the search engines therefore it brings more traffic.

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Herbert is the author behind Two-sided Perspective, a blog about views and insights about Blogging, SEO and Internet Marketing and Social Media. +Herbert is an online freelancer and father who loves to blog during his past time.

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60 Responses to “Build Blog Traffic with Commentluv”

  1. I actually using this plugin in some of my sites. Now I remember that I need to update my other blogs and will use Commenluv.
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  2. Lizzie says:

    I think it is really useful because I personally like commenting on blogs with CommentLuv. But some sites have versions that are no longer supported asking them to upgrade to premium. Hmmmm.
    Lizzie invites you to read..Getting the Most out of the Best Web Hosting CompaniesMy Profile

  3. Sarah Arrow says:

    I love commentluv and the developer is very reactive in sorting things out if there is a hiccup. It’s a plugin well worth getting.
    Sarah Arrow invites you to read..Pinterest and WordPress – tools you’ll love #bloggingMy Profile

  4. Kostas of Online Marketing says:

    Hi Herbert,
    I really love commentluv, it’s one of the best plugins that every blog should have (especially if it’s a new one). It really helps to get more comments on your blog and of course commenting on commentluv enabled blogs is a great way to get traffic and backlinks…
    Kostas invites you to read..How to Write Content for Search Engines Without Losing ReadersMy Profile

  5. dimaks says:

    I have been using Commentluv for many years now, and I can say, it rewards great. I also love the fact that this plugin is by far, the most active when it comes to discovering new developments. You can see it by the frequency it requires you to update. Commentluv is really a must-have plugin.
    dimaks invites you to read..5 Suggested Items for Your Homemade Valentines Day CardsMy Profile

  6. I think readers and commenters become more inspired and feel more rewarded when we see a link back to our posts with CommentLuv so when I blog hop, I usually put on top of my list those blogs that has that. haha
    Jonha | SavingisSexy invites you to read..What if You Were Debt-Free?My Profile

  7. Hmm I must look into this! i had not even thought of using Commentluv, but now I see it is a Great tool! Thank You!
    Tara Woodruff invites you to read..Day 27 * In the Flow of Appreciation!*My Profile

  8. chrisair says:

    the truth is I actually bookmarked all sites that have this plug-in too bad that this can’t be install in bloggers platform, I try to use it with Intense debate, but it fulls down my blog by slow loading and error
    chrisair invites you to read..Ten Looks for the Perfect Valentine’s Date by UnarosaMy Profile

  9. Yeah..i agree with that.. comment luv really inspire people to leave a comment on their blogs.
    Valerie Joy Deveza invites you to read..Does your business have a blog?My Profile

  10. How can I install Commentluv on a Blogger site?
    Ivan Saldajeno invites you to read..Y U No Pick These Guys?My Profile

  11. Simo Rida says:

    Any trick to find communtluv enabled blogs on google?
    Or a communtluv enabled blogs directory?
    Simo Rida invites you to read..Bobcat hilarious dance failMy Profile

  12. Janice says:

    Hi Simo,

    U can actually use google alert to keep track of all commentluv news whereby those blogs are using this plugin.
    Janice invites you to read..Tattooed EyebrowsMy Profile

  13. Simo Rida says:

    Hi Janice,

    Thanks for the tip ;)
    Now I can google for CommentLuv enabled blogs on google using :
    “commentluv badge” my_keywords

    It works fine!
    Simo Rida invites you to read..Crazy driver off highwayMy Profile

  14. Chris says:

    Just started using Comment Luv and I think the plugin is great. I’ve seen an increase in activity on several blogs due to the fact that more people are catching on to this.
    Chris invites you to read..Gap Insurance for your PeugeotMy Profile

  15. Dooley says:

    I began to follow some comluv blogs which haven’t only nurtured my knowledge but everytime I comment or suggest something, I’m rewarded with a link.

  16. HI Herbert,
    I am using this plugin on my website and it improves my traffic too.I think that may be possible because bloggers are trying to post comment on the post they like,so they are searching for the topic on our website by navigating from one to another page.
    This way we can generate more pageviews as well as better relationship with other bloggers.
    Nice information,Thanks for sharing.
    Bhavesh Sondagar invites you to read..Asterpix Searchlight : Drive More Revenue & Pageviews to Your SiteMy Profile

  17. SEO Company says:

    CommentLuv provides better feature to encourage commenter to comment and offer a backlink. This is very helpful to increase the traffic and popularity of your blog.

  18. Rafaqat ali says:

    you are right,because it helps alot to generate traffic and also helpful in seo.

  19. I am using this commenting system because I believe through this I am able to fish quality back links necessary for my site and I think this notion is really a big help to fully understand this process.

  20. Hindi News says:

    Commentluv is best plugin for WordPress blogs . CommentLuv Premium plugin provides a simple way to increase comments, and social sharing of your blog posts, plus other great features included in the CommentLuv Premium version.

  21. Fuyuko says:

    What is nice about it is people come to your blog and leave valid posts rather then trying to spam makes for a better link trading type of experience.
    Fuyuko invites you to read..Jack the RipperMy Profile

  22. Azad says:

    This two plugins CommentLuv and KeywordLuv is best for getting tons of comments and connections.

    Though I have not yet installed them at my blog, but I am seriously thinking of doing it.

    Could you please let me know if this effect our SEO?
    Azad invites you to read..How to Connect Samsung Galaxy Note with PC or NotebookMy Profile

  23. Definitely agree with what you stated. Your explanation was certainly the easiest to understand. I tell you, I usually get irked when folks discuss issues that they plainly do not know about. You managed to hit the nail right on the head and explained out everything without complication. Maybe, people can take a signal. Will likely be back to get more.#

  24. Jer Marie says:

    An easy but concise explanation! You are correct, there are who comment just to advertise their links. But as bloggers we need it for our traffic though.
    Jer Marie invites you to guard resumeMy Profile

  25. Charloth says:

    I’m still working out ways to easily find other bloggers who use commentluv with similar interests and content to myself (design etc). I understand that this plugin should help build a friendly community between bloggers, but I do feel that should have some kind of member / site directory as part of its structure. That way its easier to find the type of articles you wish to read or truly have interest in. Instead, we have compiled lists that people have put together instead, (and PR’ed).
    The main risk I see with this is that people may be tempted to just add comments to commentluv enabled blogs with little regard to the content of the article, just to get those links back to their own content. Particularly those with high PR. Is this not, in some ways, a form of spam also? I’ll continue to use this plugin for now, but I feel there needs to be an easier way to look for content specific blogs who also use Comluv.
    Charloth invites you to plan for weight lossMy Profile

  26. wpbandung says:

    Honestly, one of the reason why i wonder around in internet is to find information. While the reason why i have to comment is to ask question

    But sometimes, have a back-link reward is not too bad ;)
    wpbandung invites you to read..What Usually Happen in Holiday Shopping?My Profile

  27. Raihan Sajol says:

    Hello Herbert!!!You did a great job!!!!Your blog will help new commenter like us.I am the one who benefited by your article.Moreover I have gotten some important tips on Comluv.Thank you.
    Raihan Sajol invites you to read..360 HDMI AV Cable ReviewMy Profile

  28. Adam Clarke says:

    Building traffic with commentluv blog comments works great. Andy Bailey is a genius for creating this plugin.
    Adam Clarke invites you to read..How to Text a Girl You LikeMy Profile

  29. Shelon says:

    CL and KL do give great rewards to commenters, that’s why every commenter should show appreciation to the blog owner by leaving comments that add meaning to the discussion :)
    Shelon invites you to read..Fun Summer Activities for KidsMy Profile

  30. Modem Router says:

    I’ll try to use this instead of wordpress native commenting system ! i made few follow blogs but i increased the number of spammers only.
    Modem Router invites you to read..How to Install Your Linksys Wireless RouterMy Profile

  31. David says:

    I just started using comment luv and am very impressed with it so far. Is there a way to find other blogs that are running comment luv?
    David invites you to read..Why I Joined Empower NetworkMy Profile

  32. sumon says:

    That way its easier to find the type of articles you wish to read or truly have interest in. Instead, we have compiled lists that people have put together instead, (and PR’ed).

  33. Oh My God! The number of comments posted to this article made me to post a comment here. This shows the interest of your readers to the article of yours. I am considering to use Commentluv on my blogs

  34. sumon says:

    commentuv is such a great thing that really helps to bring website to google first page by crating backlinks and inform to others your latest blog post. thanks a lot for sharing this nice post.

  35. Ashleen Moreen says:

    Commentluv plugin is really nice plugin for every WP blogs. This plugin really helps you to build more traffic to your site and to rank high on Google.
    Ashleen Moreen invites you to read..visit postMy Profile

  36. Mani says:

    i think this blog also uses comment luv plugin , but the links are nofollow ? right ?

    then how does it helps for backlinks ?
    Mani invites you to read..How Mashable turned a WordPress Blog into $Million Dollor CompanyMy Profile

  37. Jesús says:

    Hi Herbert! Thank you for article!
    I just have one question: website owners doesn’t lose their PR by having so many links on their pages?
    Jesús invites you to read..Where Can I Practice My Spanish?My Profile

  38. Mike Howg says:

    I have recently added CommentLuv to my blog and hopefully it will be worth it. I have been searching around the Internet to get opinions on CommentLuv and it’s been very positive so far.

  39. Bhavesh Sondagar of Ehowportal says:

    HI Herbert,
    I am agree with your point. Commentluv can increase our blog traffic as well as loyal readers too. Readers are searching for the topics in which they are expert and this way blog page views will also be increased.Thanks for making this blog commentluv.
    Bhavesh Sondagar invites you to read..How To Access Blocked WebSites At School or OfficeMy Profile

  40. I love CommentLuv Plugin. It’s helpful for bloggers getting easy backlinks by commenting to other blogs. It’s really useful. Thanks for the list, buddy.

  41. Robert says:


    I definitely feel that CommentLuv allows people to get involved and brings traffic to your site. I have used it on several sites and I see lots of visitors because they are searching for comment luv enabled blogs. I agree with all of the benefits that you mention!
    Robert invites you to read..Guest Blogging & Do-Follow LinksMy Profile

  42. Since i started using Commentluv premium i have noticed a significant increase in blog comments and traffic as my visitors can now tweet my posts. Commentluv is a plugin every blog should have.
    Nwosu Desmond invites you to vs. WordPress.orgMy Profile

  43. Hi Herbert! Thank you for article!

    I love commentluv and the developer is very reactive in sorting things out if there is a hiccup.

  44. Darren says:

    I think it’s important to comment on relevant posts so your RSS feed pulls in the most recent back link.

    Not everyone implements CommentLuv Premium on their blog and the option to select any post is not always available. So my tip is: whatever is the top of your RSS feed is what you should be searching for and commenting on. Make your search terms a longer tail by adding “CommentLuv” and you will see posts just like yours.
    Darren invites you to read..Link Bait Specific CommentLuv Blog Posts to Market Your ContentMy Profile

  45. Alfresco says:

    I agree, coment luv is great for a list of reasons but I did notice on one site I have that in comparison to the other without the plug-in, I see that they both get alot of the same type of blog traffic but I get more replies on the comment luv, but it is nice to see people engage, so…I never really thought of it that way, but yes, you’re right….

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