Using Social Networking Sites to Promote Your Website

With the increasing fame of the internet, it is not surprising that you are already operating your own business on it. A great deal of internet users manages their own personal websites, in the other hand; some people manage their websites to earn a great deal of money.  Certainly, any website owner wants to endorse their website efficiently, but those website owners who depend on their websites for earnings are more eager to. Any kind of website you run, did you know that you might assist to advertise it by means of those popular online social networking websites today?

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There are a lot of people who are interested to know how and why they have to utilize social networking websites to advertise their website. A great amount of website owners aren’t even having any idea what social networking sites are or how they run.  These social networking websites are described as online communities. They provide internet users a simple and pretty secure way to come as one.  A lot of social networking websites are intended to make it simpler for you to look for and get in touch with other online users, who are member of a certain social networking site.

By means of a pretty big amount of social networking websites, counting as well as Facebook, having more than a million members, there is a big possibility that you could not just build new friendships, but come across internet users that would be paying attention in dropping on to your website, particularly if that site is your own personal website. When connecting an online networking website, you have to be set your personal profile page. On top of this page you might not just express yourself; you can also put a link of your own website on it. With this, it can help you attract more visitors for you website.

As formerly stated, social networking sites be able to a big advantage every website owners, but particularly those who want to earn money with this websites. This can be made one of two methods, first by putting something on sale or by depending on proceeds from advertising.  If you own a website that retailing products, you might find it a bit simpler to take advantage of social networking sites.  This is for the reason that if you desire, you can carry out product or service limelight.  Every day, week, or month, you may well exhibit one of the products or services that you offer.  This can either be made on your profile page or blog page, which is given by a lot of social networking websites.

Here are some of the most widely used networking sites today where you can promote and get presence and exposure for your blog or site.

Top Social Networking Sites

LinkedIn: A business-oriented social network
Xanga: Social networking plus blogging in one. A network for music lovers as what they call it.
Flixster: The movie fanatics network.
Ning: A social network for creating social networks
Twitter: One of the biggest microblogging site.
Facebook: The hottest and most populated networking site today.
Google+: The underdog in the field but gaining popularity among online businesses.

■ Internetnational Sites

Badoo: Top networking site which is based in London.
Migente: A Latin America based social networking site.
Orkut: Google’s counterpart for Myspace and Facebook but never made it through.
Studivz: They call this the German version of Facebook.

Final Thoughts

If you are managing your website to earn money with advertising, like affiliate programs or Google Ads, you might have to get help from social networking websites in a diverse way. Because you will not essentially have a certain product or service to pay attention on, you will have to move towards to these websites as if they were personal sites.  If your website confers having a dog, it might be a brilliant idea to tell your affection for dogs in your page. After this, it would be suitable and not essentially measured spam to put in a link to your website.  By means of every other type of online websites, social networking websites have to facilitate to boost the amount of page views your website obtains. In a lot of instances, a lot of page views mean a lot of clicks which also means lot money for you.

As you can simply notice, there are an amount of different methods how can you advertise your own website, regardless of what kind of website you run or what its purpose.  If you follow these guides and eager in promoting them to various social networking sites, you will surely have more visitors on website in no time.

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21 Responses to “Using Social Networking Sites to Promote Your Website”

  1. kulamshy says:

    great way of promoting your site is to expose it using different social networks.. thumbs up!!

  2. Tristan of Virtual SEO Assistant says:

    I was using NING before when it was still free. I have almost known half on the list, while the other half are either new to me or I haven’t got much attention. As for now, I’m focusing more on the TOP social networks. Anyway, this is a good read for those starting up.
    Tristan invites you to read..Join and Win! Win with Panalo! Yes, WIN WITH US!My Profile

  3. Sumi says:

    I definitely agree with this! :) Social networking sites are doing a lot to get my blog some traffic. I have to start using Twitter and Google+ more though.. XD
    Sumi invites you to read..Parvati: Sweet and Homemade TreatsMy Profile

  4. Great advice Herbert … I do think people need to be prepare to take a long term approach to social networking because there is so much noise out there these days it can take longer to build the kind of relationships that can result in meaninful differences. Thanks for the inspiration!
    marquita herald invites you to read..You are a Master StorytellerMy Profile

  5. Vic says:

    Nice post. I see you’re doing a good job in promoting your blog posts in a number of social networking sites. I also see you in BizSugar and SERP. :)
    Vic invites you to read..12 Business Tips for the Year of the Water DragonMy Profile

  6. Hi Herbert,

    You’re right.. if you are selling a product you’ll want to blanket the social networking sites, maximizing your coverage… maybe.

    I have come to think that maybe it’s better to focus on just 1 or 2 sites, creating a following and building some credibility as a person to be trusted. I’m sure that conversion rates when you do this are much higher.

    What do you think?
    Dr. Bob Clarke invites you to read..How To Transform Your Blog’s Free Giveaway into a List Building SuperheroMy Profile

  7. Thanks Herbert:)

    I get the majority of my traffic via social media and am a huge fan, although I tend to focus the majority of my time on the bigger players i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +
    Lilach Bullock invites you to read..21 WordPress Plugins I Can’t Live WithoutMy Profile

  8. Good tips here, Herbert.

    Certainly, the most powerful way to success online is through social media. There are so many people eager to hear Valuable advice and information… but be sure it is Valuable first and promotional last.
    David Merrill invites you to read..Fan Page Buzz | Traffic Generation StrategyMy Profile

  9. Herbert,

    You made some excellent points in this article. I have to agree there are many people and sites that do not seem to understand the importance of using social media. The site that I use mostly are Facebook , Twitter I really like and google+. Take care Rosemary
    Rosemary O’Shaughnessy invites you to read..Is Your Facebook Business Page Reaching Customers ??My Profile

  10. Vas says:

    It’s insane how much people underutilize Twitter and Facebook to drive traffic to their marketing videos. My clients ask me all the time, “how can we get our kinetic typography videos seen?” I suggest they tell their followers about it, and overnight, they get hundreds, sometimes thousands of targeted views! THAT’S the power of social media, IMO.

    Vas invites you to read..Socialgration – A Fresh Way To Unite ActivistsMy Profile

  11. Irish says:

    Social networking sites are probably the most widely used sites on the internet after search engines. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are mentioned as the power houses of the internet, along with Google.
    Irish invites you to xbox 360 gamesMy Profile

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