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The internet has played an important role in the people’s lives. Aside from the fact that it allows worldwide communication, it has also provided an opportunity to create a profitable business. A lot of business minded people are taking advantage on the internet because they have found it to be an effective way of marketing their products and services. Face to face marketing where both parties exchange business cards is still effective but as the years go by, there are more people doing business on the internet. This is mainly because of the convenience and even the amusement that they can get. Hence, targeting these internet browsers on marketing the products entails a great possibility of increasing the particular business’ revenue.

Internet Marketing

Why Internet Marketing Is Important

Every business owner should always consider the way they market their products or services. They ought to think about the internet as a big market because it is where people from different areas of the world gather and take access to it. The internet is therefore an international market because great number of customers can be obtained. Internet marketing is important for every business to grow and it can be done in several ways. Perhaps the most common way of marketing the products or services in the internet is by owning a website. The challenge of a website could be the number of visitors per day. This plays a big impact on the business as a larger number of visitors can increase the probability of the website business to be recognized by search engines. Internet browsers usually search a keyword and the search engine will show the website having similar keywords. This is part of the search engine optimization wherein the website should be optimized properly so that it becomes search engine friendly.

Another way of marketing your products or services is through internet advertising. Magazines, newspapers, TV ads and even in the radio commercials are very common way of letting the people know about a particular product or services. However, as the number of businesses grow so with the cost of advertising at them. Thus, the internet is a cheaper alternative. Business owners can pay a certain amount for the ads that will be posted on well known websites. As soon as the people click on it, they will be redirected to the company’s website. Since there are a number of people who might be utilizing that certain website, there is a bigger chance that the link will be clicked and the website will be recognized.

In owning a business, the owner should think on getting the market and one great way to do it is to market your product online. The business will be operating even 24/7 and since  ads are always present and the website provides the necessary information for the customers to know. If you are thinking of exploring new heights for your business, you should definitely consider marketing it online.

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Herbert is the author behind Two-sided Perspective, a blog about views and insights about Blogging, SEO and Internet Marketing and Social Media. +Herbert is an online freelancer and father who loves to blog during his past time.

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59 Responses to “Marketing Your Business Online”

  1. c5 of says:

    marketing is important even in selling yourself to do a certain service. :)

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  2. joy says:

    Digital marketing is the best marketing strategy nowadays :)
    joy invites you to read..World of Wellness’ 1st Anniversary SPartyMy Profile

  3. yuuki says:

    Yup, I agree almost everything now is done online and thus we need to know how to market our products or services. Thanks for the share!
    yuuki invites you to read..Crucial Conversations Part 2My Profile

  4. Internet marketing is really important. Advertising online is just one of the many ways how to promote your products or services. :)
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  5. JoMi says:

    Hi, Herbert! Thanks for the great post. Those companies who value Internet Marketing and SEO are much progressive, compared to those who ignore the power of the Online world. There are so many great advantage if they do Internet Marketing, some business owners are just too ignorant and old school to face the changes. Thanks for sharing! Have a blessed day! =)

  6. air says:

    All businesses now needs marketing especially on internet, this is how it reflects how the company’s on success
    air invites you to read..Let’s SParty @ WOW (World of Wellness)My Profile

  7. Marvs says:

    Online marketing is a great business strategy but will still depend on your target market.
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  8. Internet marketing plays a crucial role when it comes to building your identity online. Being knowledgeable when it comes to this topic, is very important for us (bloggers) since we do need to deal with other people online. This post will surely give you some tips and knowledge about internet marketing. Good Post :)
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  9. Some brands who doesn’t seems to know yet the impact of online marketing, tends to divert itself via traditional marketing while the aggressive companies ride with what the consumers needs and market trends. Online marketing dictates the future of brand marketing per se.
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  10. Stef says:

    Internet marketing is such a great way for a company to reach out to their market. Great post to share.
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  11. Matsumoto says:

    It all boils down to packaging, presentation, content…ooopss, I’m talking about people lol. But internet marketing has soared thru the years and I agree that those who mastered it remains on top of the game.

  12. At this day and age, online marketing is not something you consider. It’s a MUST. It’s something you do with great planning and strategy.
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  13. I’m interested in using internet marketing for my blog. Thank you for pointing out its advanatges. I’ll learn more about it.
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  14. Adrienne says:

    Well put Herbert!

    If you want a business online, you definitely have to learn how to market. Whether you do the free or paid methods it’s the best way to get your information in front of your target audience. Internet marketing is the key to any business succeeding. And that my friend, we all know for sure. :-)
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  15. Ed Zafra says:

    If done properly Internet marketing can really help in building awareness on a product or service. Popularity can happen fast but it is also very easy for negative information to spread. Make sure that you can deliver the products and services you promote in the Internet or else, you will be out of business sooner than you expect.
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  16. dimaks says:

    good highlights on online marketing. but one should not forget also the benefits of offline optimization and advertisement. they are great compliments to any online marketing endeavors.

    I agree with Ed Zafra.. there must be some sort of consistency.
    dimaks invites you to read..GMA Network Launches Newer WebsiteMy Profile

  17. Jass of Mix Twist says:

    Online marketing is need of the today’s Life. Most of people search each and every information about products before buying it. So it is counted good to make effort-fully marketing in right way else we will get behind the racing car of our competitors.
    Jass invites you to read..The impact of social mediaMy Profile

  18. Jomar Lipon says:

    Exposure your business in the internet is the most effective way to advertise the product especially if the product is for worldwide or nationwide. It’s hard to get more customers if you just advertise your business if your products have a potential to be known worldwide. The more wide the more customers come. :)

  19. Good point Herbert!

    Online marketing is a must in an integrated marketing communications.
    Jyppe A. Quidores invites you to read..How To Shoot Cylindrical Products in Better WaysMy Profile

  20. Tristan says:

    What great post you have here Herbert. And I couldn’t agree more with everyone else. Internet Marketing is and a must in your marketing strategy and planning since almost everyone nowadays are connected to the world wide web.
    Tristan invites you to read..Starting Your Own Computer Cleaning BusinessMy Profile

  21. leah says:

    So true Herbert, 24/7 at no additional overhead! That’s how cost efficient internet marketing is.

    Marketing online helps small businesses leverage on free resources. Startups now get the chance to compete by maximizing exposure and skillfully converting traffic into leads.

    Well, its easier said than done but we’re all getting there. Cheers!
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  22. Barry Ranns says:

    Hi Herbert,
    Another thing to consider when marketing online is, ethics and honesty.

    Besides trying to make money, we should also remember to take care of our customers. Without them we have nothing,

    Barry Ranns invites you to read..A Few Myths DispelledMy Profile

  23. Jimmy says:

    HI Herbert,

    I am new to your site and love your wonderful progress. I notice that you only been blogging here for a few months and yet you have so many commenters and traffic. Can I ask you how do you do this? My returns from about 4.5 months of traffic have been only about less than half of yours. Care to share your secrets?

    With regards to marketing online, I am a firm believer of inbound marketing now. It is basically about improving your site pages on SEO so that people will find you when they search for relevant keywords. I am sure you know about this. Marcus Sheridan at the sales lion blogs about this alot and it seems to be gaining momentum.

    I am also a believer that paid marketing is dying and not worth the effort unless you have lots of money to spend on advertising and all.

    What do you think?
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  24. Internet marketing is highly technical. But when you have someone who is good in programming and knows basic grammar opportunities greatly await for you. If you know the abc’s of internet selling, IM is very lucrative business venture.

  25. Cha says:

    Yeah Internet Marketing is the way to go! Very Informative blog indeed! Nice blog herbert!

  26. Kay says:

    I’m still trying to learn how to use the net to market stuff … hoepfully this gives me a few more tips to learn. :)
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  27. c5 says:

    I find it that the best place to market is online. No need to talk, just type, since I write better than I can speak. :P
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  28. Sir salamat sa mga advice about internet marketing, i will try to promote some clickbank products this 2012, i hope i will generate at least 3 sales per week. Salamat po talaga, kasi dati i am trying so hard about internet marketing, at least ngayon i know the basics.
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  29. Gautam says:

    internet marketing is very popular in any offline business world. thank you for this informative tips.
    Gautam invites you to read..the best web design softwareMy Profile

  30. Sanjib Saha says:

    Internet marketing is indeed profitable, but you need proper knowledge and guide without which you may gain nothing. You need proper knowledge and if you can gain that, you can earn a lot.
    Sanjib Saha invites you to read..Comment on Microsoft Windows Skydrive: Review by RajMy Profile

  31. John Ernest says:

    One major reason why Internet Marketing is important is because most businesses don’t generate as much leads through conventional methods now as people rarely go outside to do anything anymore. People will go online to shop, order food, and hang out at websites. This is the primary reason why you should have an Internet marketing campaign.

  32. bloomtools says:

    thanks for this really good and informative blog. It has really become important for every business to go online. with this , it also needs to go for marketing and advertising online for its business. Internet marketing has really is important , it helps to grow business largely.

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