Does Facebook Need To Catch up to Google+ or Vice Versa?

So Google is going to completely kill Google Buzz in the near future and they have said something along the lines of “To create a better future we must first be honest about our past.

I personally never used the Google Buzz system, partly because – why use something that twitter does better, and party because when it first got started it faced all those privacy issues that everybody was so upset about.

There was a lot of “Buzz” (pun intended) about the new Google Plus social network which was so dubbed as the “Facebook Killer” and the ultimate solution to combining Twitter and Facebook.

…as if that is what we crave in our social world. First of all, to discuss the title of this article let’s make two points to why Twitter and Facebook were so successful, and why Google Plus (at least in my mind) seems to be just… there.

google versus facebook

  1. Facebook and twitter developed because it filled a purpose in our lives. There was a need in our lives (we just didn’t know it yet) for a better online social experience. These two different companies offered completely different platforms, and the foundation of each from the start, was both original and exciting. Since the soul of each was social, it made sense for us (psychologically) to dive right in.
  2. Google had the “fastest growth rate ever” but if you are able to put a little blue arrow on a website that millions of people visit each day, to say “Hey check this out” Does that really mean that everyone is joining because it’s cool and it serves a necessary purpose or because Google just has that kind of power? The other part of this is that it was extremely easy for people that already had a Gmail account to sign up and join

Yes Google has 40 million + users – I am one of them – but I am never using it, as I imagine is the case with a lot of other users out there. Also, one of the only reasons that I joined Google + in the first place is because I was am so affiliated in the tech and SEO world (be it that I help to provide a white label content writing service as well ) that I wanted to be one of the first people there to check it out to see what business advantages it would have to people that specialize in Internet marketing, which is definitely the case for a lot of other users as well.

This brings me to my next couple of points. Google plus is something that theoretically has a lot of “useful” and “cool” features, but when it really comes down to it, it doesn’t matter, and it definitely isn’t enough for the mass amounts of people to steer away from twitter and Facebook. The next couple of points outline what it “cool” about Google +, but it really doesn’t matter in the real world.

Privacy – We Really Need it (But not too much)

1) At first glance, “circles” seem to be really cool. I mean one of the “so-called” problems of the Facebook world is that there really is (or was, they have caught on) no way of organizing your friends, so that you could make who you wanted to see certain able to and so you could limit people from seeing certain updates.

However the whole point of our social lives is to let people see us (and in the online world that usually means the best part of us). It is possible to make things private on Facebook, and if we really wanted to we could make sure that every single one of our posts gets to the right people.

But here’s the main problem with that: It is much easier to decide to express something that is relevant to everybody than it is to have to go ahead and make everything private. Besides, if we want something to be private to only a few people, there are better ways of doing so… Like email for instance…

2) Something else that I thought was pretty cool at first glance about Google plus was the ability to search for information in the social streams. Although this is a “cool” feature, it really isn’t that useful. I might as well use the regular search engines, and a lot of my results just show people that have agendas and are trying to get high click through rates so that they can make some money (having a Google Plus and updating it regularly in the SEO world may be just as valuable as hiring for a link building service)(although sometimes photographers – which is a common Google Plus type user – upload cool pictures that come up in the searches).

Search barely meets social with this type of model, and if that is what Google is trying to accomplish with features like being able to search for people that have created posts about your search terms… well it is definitely not the end result (there never is). It is an awesome tool for people in the Internet marketing industry however. In fact, it is like the SEO’s searching best friend.

3) Google’s approach on making everything happen systematically is awesome in some areas of life -especially when it comes to search. But Facebook offers more spontaneity and that as what we as humans crave in our lives in the social word. We need a little bit of something that is “out of the system.”


So far, to me, Google represents an informal type of “LinkedIn” Except for it is primarily for people that are in the Internet business. We will have to wait to see if that changes over time. Facebook may take a huge hit when they releases Timeline to everybody, as it might make people totally forget about Google plus all together.

The leadership at successful companies normally possess more than intuitive genius, however you’re unlikely to find many with a MS in Management hanging on their wall either

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Jet Russell blogs for INETZEAL which is an SEO company where you can find SEO Pricing. Here at this web site, you can find a monthly SEO services as well as choose from many SEO services. In his spare time Jet runs a few websites of his own and likes to write about his passion - SEO!

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63 Responses to “Does Facebook Need To Catch up to Google+ or Vice Versa?”

  1. Adrienne says:

    Hey Jet,

    I dove on the Google+ bandwagon myself when it was introduced because let’s face it, everyone was pretty darn curious.

    Facebook is where everyone is but if you are building a business then Google+ is an even better place to be. Want to know why? Because there are people over there that you don’t know and you have the opportunity to introduce them to you and what you are all about because Facebook is so saturated.

    For business reasons it’s a great place to be. For social reasons, I’ll stick with Facebook.

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    • Jet Russell says:

      I agree Adrienne, I prefer facebook for social stuff and Google+ for something serious like business and marketing.

    • Herbert says:

      In my part, I can’t let go out of facebook since its a well established site already and a place to market, Google+ is still new yet making its mark already but i guess the future will decide who goes further between the two :D

  2. very insightful! so facebook win!
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  3. Myrns says:

    thanks for sharing this ! i still prefer Facebook.
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  4. Right now, G+ is making a good competition with Facebook ALMOST globally. Almost because G+ has not yet established a ground in the Philippines. For now, it’s FB for me, but within the next five years, I might reconsider my vote.
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    • Jet Russell says:

      I agree with you Ivan, Google+ is still warming up, sooner or later, it will be on the track with Facebook

  5. Shirgie says:

    While Google+ is actually a smart move by Google, we can’t deny the fact that Facebook is still on the leading edge when we base it on usability and the number of users.
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    • Jet Russell says:

      Got a point there Shirgie and since Google+ is still new, most people are still grasping the whole idea of Google+

  6. Ion says:

    I have a gut feel that Google+ will not level with Facebook. Facebook users have found an online “home” in Facebook – and Google+ is just like “a new mall out there that I’m curious to visit and see what it has to offer”
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    • Jet Russell says:

      People’s needs varies and they always go to places where they can get what they wanted, Google+ is another site where people find it beneficial for them

  7. I just recently made an account on google. It took too much time for me to be familiarize with everything. Hehehe. I like Facebook better. Easier to use and connect with other people.
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    • Jet Russell says:

      For those who have facebook as their main social networking site, they might find it a bit hard in grasping a new kind of social network

  8. Shydub says:

    All this changes are overwhelming now i do not know where to begin with the changes of google gadget. haaay
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  9. Lynda Cromar says:

    Very insightful review! I have to admit I have not spent much time in Google + even though I was one of the early ones that got on it. I think at the time it was just another one to learn, and since Facebook and Twitter work for me I was happy there. I think your assessment of it being a bit like Linkedin is right on. I found it actually hard to target market frankly. Maybe it is better now. I am looking forward to understanding the Facebook Timeline and how that is going to work!
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  10. Ileane says:

    I would love to see Google+ crush Facebook. I find the user interface on Facebook to be the most annoying platform on the planet. I will admit that it has improved a little in the last couple of days since they introduced the new version of insights. The other thing that irks me is the ads and sponsored stories. It’s super easy to ignore ads on Twitter and I really don’t see them that often.

    With that in mind – if they ever put ads on the sidebar in Google+ or allow people to automate their posts with RSS – I’ll just give up and stick with Facebook. Right now I use both, but I really wish I didn’t need to use Facebook…..
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    • Jet Russell says:

      Hi Ileane..

      There are just stuff that people cant resist in Facebook, I am forcing myself not to come to Facebook as much as possible but its really dragging me to my computer to log on to Facebook. :D

  11. Hi Jet,
    I still prefer to use FaceBook and Twitter over Google + for the time being. But I do enjoy the clean and neat design of Google + over the other 2.

    As far as linked in goes, I seldom use it.
    Justin | Personal Growth invites you to’s Guide 4 New Bloggers eBookMy Profile

  12. joy says:

    i have an account both on FB and G+, well to tell you frankly, i am not that active in G+ but my circle of friends there is growing hihi
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    • Jet Russell says:

      Wow!! that good to know, the moment you will using it more often your followers will double :D

  13. Pinaywriter says:

    I have a Google+ too but I don’t use it as much as I use my blog or my FB account. It’s cleaner though. Maybe in the future I would use it more often.
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  14. chrisair says:

    I still struggle on how to navigate in google plus, I know that I am a computer addict but how about those newbies in socialnetwork, will they able to go with the flow
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    • Jet Russell says:

      If you manage to navigate in Facebook, there is no reason you cant on Google+ since it is more user friendly (in my case)

  15. It seems like everyone has roughly the same opinion here, except for one or two. I, too, like how clean it is, but it does seem more like LinkedIn in that respect. Almost like a social profile than a network….

    Well, If anything, Google has at least done a better job identifying what people will use and won’t use (i.e. wave, buzz).

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    • Jet Russell says:

      Yes James, somehow I agree that its more like linkedin but I think Google is working on it to make it the most user friendly network where everyone can enjoy what they are enjoying at FB :D

  16. Richard says:

    Thanks for this article Jet. You mentioned that Google + is solely a business networking site and yet I have found that those who aren’t in networking at all are using it as the social platform. I agree why would one want to join another social platform if they will pretty much have the same connections through Twitter and Facebook?
    I can barely keep up with these two so I might be a bit biased. Great content though.
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    • Jet Russell says:

      You have a point there Richard, on the end its still the people’s choice where they are comfortable with and where they can benefit :D

  17. I’m still trying to figure everything out! Just as I begin to feel “somewhat” comfortable on FB and Twitter, there’s LinkedIn, Google+, Klout, etc. and I’m pretty much back to Square One–trying to prioritize and decide what works best for me and my objectives. Thanks for your post which helped to clarify a few thing for me!
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  18. Hey Herbert,

    I haven’t been actively involved in Google+, primarily because I was happy with Twitter and Facebook, but I can see the appeal from Marketing perspective. Also, since Google is the biggest search engine, can we assume that posts shared on Google+ are likely to get index very quickly?

    Also, maybe there is a type in the last line – you mean Facebook timeline and not Google (releases) timeline!


  19. Definitely, it is not easy for Google to beat good old Facebook. Google entered when people knew what a social network is while Facebook introduced people to this amazing term – Social networking.
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  20. I think Google + will still become popular for bloggers and business persons. I noticed a remarkable growth of SE traffic by Google seach when the number of Plus Ones for my website increased. This may be one reason G+ will be used widely in the future, it´s still so new that only few understand its full benefits.
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  21. Enjoyed your review and I find I pretty much agree with your conclusions. I have done very little with Google+ so far, though I regularly receive notices about people adding me to their circles – I suspect that’s little more than the old numbers game.
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  22. Zen says:

    I really don’t know which is better or not or which is more functional. I have both. Probably I’ll know which I want better in the near future pa.. hehe :)
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  23. Jet,

    I haven’t even mentioned Google + to my personal FB friends. They would laugh and say FB is fine for them. Who, really is going to move from FB to Google +?

    I use Google+ right now only for social media, spreading of my blog and basically catching what is going on in my own blogging circles. I just don’t know if Google+ can compete with FB. We’ll see.

    I am also on Google+ because I am hoping it will help with my search rankings. Plus 1′s help when someone in my circles is searching for a keyword I have.

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  24. fazal mayar says:

    I dont think facebook should try to catch up google because facebook has a powerful social network and they should stick with it
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  25. Aaron Kelly says:

    Facebook is like friendster today, sooner or later g+ will take the lead..
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  26. Jass says:

    Facebook and Google+ are top competitor to each others and they both have to work maintain the user interest like a war. Facebook is social networking but as Google said search engine ranking will consider social sharing a factor.
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  27. Michelle says:

    It’s funny though that despite Google plus having a more secure and organized platform, it’s not gaining as much activity as Facebook. I’ve been on G+ since it’s closed beta and until now, nothing’s really been happening. :(
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  28. c5 says:

    i still haven’t installed G+ on my sites!

  29. Adeline says:

    Yes, Facebook is still more popular than Google+. I still have friends that (believe it or not) have not heard about it. Personally, I’m enjoying spending more time in Google+ than in Facebook. Personally, Google+ has the potential of overtaking Facebook. The biggest challenge is trying to convince people to shift there, especially those with thousands of friends in their Facebook accounts.

    While I have no qualms about Google+ crushing Facebook, I also have to wonder what would happen if in case it does? Google+ is fine now, but if the tides turn and there is an exodus of Facebook users going to Google+, there is that possibility that the Google+ of the future can become what Facebook is today (I’m talking about the ads, the clutter, etc). What do you think?
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  30. Google is trying to become a giant social networking network or maybe it already is specially after introducing Google+. Some of the features of Google+ are similar to that of other networking sites but on the other hand some of the features are much better making it very unique. I prefer using Google+ for more serious business.

  31. Malds Menzon says:

    I personally still use FB a lot more than google plus but with all the changes google is making SEO wise, you just cant ignore + anymore.

    I have a couple of friends as well who have shifted to google plus because they found FB to have become too spamy now. Google plus hasnt gone to that route too much yet but I expect that it will as well at some point.
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  32. John Ernest says:

    Actually the worst thing about Facebook is that you have a risk of losing privacy, but there are people over at Facebook that do a lot better not having any privacy seeing as how their posts seem to say everything they do in a day. You have to manually block people from seeing your updates just to avoid being ‘clutter’ on their news feed. Circles on Google+ however, allows you to easily block your posts form a whole group of friends that are interested in a whole different thing.

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