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Gravatar – Simple Personal Branding

A lot of people are turning to internet marketing because they are earning big bucks of money. Although there are a lot of ways to earn in the internet, the most basic thing to do is to own a website. This particular website should have reliable contents for browsers to grasp correct information and for them to keep on coming back. However, there are a lot of websites that exists these days. Every day, more and more websites at different niche are created therefore, it is very important to out-stand among them and be recognized. Gaining more traffic on the website will lead to a higher rank in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.


Gravatar and Personal Branding

Personal branding is very important in the marketplace. It is a method of marketing oneโ€™s self to other people in a way that they can easily recognize it. Although it is very common in celebrities, clothing lines and many others, personal branding should also be applied in the internet as well. Competition is very apparent at any place and for someone to outshine others, or perhaps for a website to gain attention, it should be unique, catchy and even reliable. People trust websites that posts information that are relevant, not a false reassurance of something. That is why, it is essential for website owners to create a name in the World Wide Web in a positive approach. The benefits of having a personal brand may not be obvious in the first few months of applying it but it can create rapport and trust in the long run.

Gravatar is very popular among internet marketers who are serious in their personal branding. This is referred as Globally Recognized Avatar wherein website ownerโ€™s gravatar will appear whatever site he is involved in. Whenever he leaves a comment in social networking sites, blogs or any kind of forums, his chosen image will appear. The point in internet marketing is to be recognized and to gain trust among potential followers or customers and this is made possible by creating a personal brand. If Gravatar is not used, the person leaving a comment will have a symbol of G on the back, which is also the same with other people who left a comment without avatar. In order to be recognized and not be among them, using Gravatar is the best option. One will just notice that more and more internet browsers will subscribe to the website because they find it very helpful and dependable. Using Gravatar is just easy, simply browse the and follow the instructions on how to use it. The image can also be changed whenever desired. Personal branding is important and Gravatar is helpful in terms of this.

Image credit: Creative Web Ideas

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  • Crumpylicious Blog

    I actually use gravatar its so convenient and easy to use.

    • Herbert

      Yes Crumpy, you are right and also its like your ID so if you have one, you are certainly recognized ๐Ÿ˜€

  • pons

    what is your gravatar?

    • Herbert

      What do u mean pons?

  • Brian D. Hawkins

    Great topic Herbert, I have referred to using avatars and linked to Gravatar on several posts lately hoping to help new bloggers and decided I need to put a simple video together about it. When I do I’ll try to remember to link back here. Thanks.

    • Herbert

      That would certainly be an awesome write up Brian. Everyone will surely love that. Thank for dropping by ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Dr. Erica Goodstone


    I agree that Gravatars are important. I do not feel comfortable when someone leaves a comment without a Gravatar image. But I also prefer real faces of real people rather than a cute cartoon image or a logo.


    Dr. Erica

    • Herbert

      Yes maam, its good to see if the avatars used are the real faces not just any cartoon icon or image :)

  • Donna Merrill

    What a great subject to bring up! Gravatars are so important. I don’t like it if I receive a comment on my blog without the person’s picture on it. I could be spam. That’s my first impression. Also, I use my own face on mine. It does help when people see who you are. Like they always say, “a picture is worth a thousand words” I think using our own picture is better than a brand Gravatar. Just my two cents.

    • Herbert

      Right Donna, it might be spam or something :) Also, its nice to look if all the commenters have their own gravatars. Very neat “D

  • Jonathan Quiogue

    Thanks for sharing about Gravatar! It’s the first time i’ve heard of the service but I’ll try it out right now. Hope this is something that sticks.

    • Herbert

      Jonathan, it will and always be… :)

  • chrisair

    I don’t know when I used gravatar, maybe the time that I am trying to set up blog in WP which is never succeeded.

    • Herbert

      Chris, the fact that you have already your picture beside your name, that’s your gravatar already and its good to know that you have one already

  • Manilenya Mom

    Thanks for the info, I just edited/updated my gravatar today, hopefully makita ko na ang result :)

    • Herbert

      I think its not showing, try checking it up again ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Michelle

    I have a gravatar but it seems to only work when I comment on WordPress blogs. Doesn’t work when i comment on blogger or blogspot :(

    • Herbert

      Blogger have their own ways :) By default, your avatar will appear upon commenting if you are logged and made comments on a certain post, if you are putting links on your name upon commenting, depending on the template, some templates have enabled gravatars, your gravatar will sure not appear ๐Ÿ˜€

  • tatess

    I don’t know if I’m using the gravatar yet . i never noticed it .

    • tatess

      oh ,yeah ,no gravatar yet.i’ll work on it then.thanks a lot.

      • Herbert

        Looking forward to that Tatess :)

  • ProvokedThoughts

    Is there any guidelines in using a gravatar? Like, we should use real pictures instead of cartographic images. I’ve seen a lot of people using gravatars but they are not using real pictures.

    • Herbert

      As much as possible use a real image or photo of you.. Gravatar is a sort of your ID so a real photo should be used ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Ads

    Hmm. I can’t remember if I had one of these before. Maybe I’ll check if I can still access my account at

    • Herbert

      Hopefully you’ll have one in the future Ads. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Mel Cole

    Very true bro. I’m glad I have an avatar na hehehe.

    • Herbert

      Unfortunately Mel, your gravatar is not showing, better check it up :)

  • Elizabeth

    The Gravatar is definitely one way in which I have been personally branding myself as it follows me everywhere I am active in the internet. Great blog post I have enjoyed the structured and direct way which Herbert has presented it.

    • Herbert

      Thank you for the compliment Elizabeth.. Good to have you here

  • Macrus T Cox

    Hey Herbert,
    The one thing I learned way back when I making and selling music is you have to a buzz. Part of your buzz was your logo. Something simple that people will see and recognize was you. Even if they do not know what you actual do, they still learn to become familiar with your logo. This is the same concept behind having a gravatar, over time if people see it enough it will start to become common place. If you can get it out there and keep it out there long enough you can start to create a form of fame for yourself. The whole goal is to stand out and to be remembered. So having a gravatar is a very important part of doing this. Thank for this post, TTYL

    • Herbert

      I truly agree Marcus, I can still recall the time when logos are one way of branding and knowing how popular you are :)

  • Beth Hewitt

    Hey Herbert,

    I wrote about the importance of Gravatars long time ago and I still believe it is one of the most important parts in helping us build our brand and look professional.

    Its an important step not ot be overlooked.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Beth Hewitt :)

    • Herbert

      Thank you Beth. It is indeed, gravatars are like foundations of our online personality

  • Jeffrey rilles

    Tlaga may gravatar n rn? First tym to know jejeje prefer q p rn real face ng blogger,,,

    • Herbert

      Yes Jewffrey, there is and its there for quiet a while now ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Easther

    Hi Herbert
    you’re absolutely right! Avatar is itโ€™s an absolute must for personal branding.

    People often say, I cannot remember names but I can remember faces. The same reference is true online.
    It is amazing how many people neglect the simple thing of Gravatar, a profile image really makes a difference and helps set an identity

    • Herbert

      Yes, Me also wonder why some people cant provide an image to their gravatars yet it is so easy to make on :/

  • patricia

    Hi Herbert,
    I did not realize how important gravatars are before reading your post! Branding is about everything, because every detail counts and is associtated to our persona, to our identity.
    I just realized my foto for gravatr is different that the one I use on FB or other social networking, is this important?

    • Herbert

      I truly agree with you Patricia :)

  • Lani – Aloha

    Aloha Herbert, I enjoyed your post and totally agree with you regarding this wonderful tool. In fact I use it and find it comfortable to see who is commenting on my blog and vice verse. Glad I came by and thanks for sharing! Mahalo, Lani :)

    Ps.. good to see a great tribe formed to support each other.

    • Herbert

      Thank you Lani, glad you like my own version of using gravatar, I agree, its more comfortable seeing your readers have gravatars. It makes you feel that you are interacting with a real person.

      Mahalo Lani ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Lynda Cromar

    I love Gravatar and you are right it is very easy to set up, just have to sign in with an e-mail, and if you are like me may have more than one e-mail, can assign the e-mails with different images or just use one main image all over like I do. Another cool thing is that picture although small will show people no matter where you go who you are, creates a lot of trust!

    • Herbert

      Hi Lynda, indeed, once you have a gravatar, somehow its not easy for anyone to trust in you

  • sai krishna

    really its true gravatar is very important for personal branding and also for attract traffic.nice share :)

    • Herbert

      Thanks Sai ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Jarrod Frenzel

    Well written! I completely agree with you that branding can benefit online businesses in many ways. Branding is about making our presence felt on the web with a unique identity. People across the world connects to our business more easily.

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  • Darren

    I found out about Gravatar only relatively recently and it’s made such a difference to the way I comment now. I know there is brand and a logo that others can see and is something I want to live up to.

    I regard commenting as an extension of the quality content on my blog over which I take great care. Also, I would add that it’s never worth commenting just for the sake of doing so. Making generic comments (logo or not) is just noise and a waste of time.

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